5 Books To Start Your Entrepreneur Journey

2016 to 2018 have been the most important years of my life. It was during this time that I had my paradigm shift, and there were some key things that attributed to that. There were 5 books that sparked my growth and planted some seeds in me that began spreading like wildfire.

Going through so many situations in my young 31 years, and trying to navigate all of the societal pressures, it got to a point where I know I needed help. I never really had a mentor or anybody I looked up to, but as I started reading more, I started to believe that we can have mentors from afar. There are a few authors who have really helped me get to a point now, where I am always so excited for the next day, instead of wishing I could just stay in bed forever.

As a mentee, it’s sometimes a task to even know where you need to start and what you need help in, let alone find somebody you can connect with that can actually help you. Books and podcasts are a great way at bridging that gap if you can’t find a mentor and get you on the right path.


I am usually reading two books at a time, one for mental health & the second is usually business related. Here are the top 5 books that have tremendously helped me, to begin thinking about healing myself, getting into entrepreneurship, put me on the path to happiness & success:


  1. Who Says You Can’t, You Do – Daniel Chidiac: The lessons taught in this book helped change my thought patterns. It allowed me to stop procrastinating, start becoming aware of the energy I emit and begin trusting the process of building your mind, physical, spiritual self and gain clarity on what type of career you can build for yourself.



2. Care Package – Sylvester Mc Nutt III: This book is jammed packed with so many lessons on building your emotional intelligence and getting your mind in the state it needs to succeed in 2018 & beyond, it’s just crazy. The book is so well written and easy to digest, but also extremely hard to put down. It’s a book I wish I could buy for everybody to read, and maybe this world would be better off.



3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki: So many people have claimed to have read this book at one point in time, yet I don’t see many millennials putting into practice much of what he talked about. This book changes the way you think about money, working for people, working for money, and how millionaires vs poor people think. If you read this book before 30, re-read this book immediately, as you were probably not in the right state of mind or had enough experience to fully appreciate this book. A HUGEEEE take away from this book is, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will continue to work every second you are awake.”



4. Crushing It – Gary Vaynerchuck: Gary V is the Godfather of the new age entrepreneur. Every time I hear him speak, I am always left feeling that this is the greatest time to be alive. There are so many myths about entrepreneurship that have been passed down by previous generations, that not enough of us are trying to go into business ourselves or even as a side hustle. Gary candidly breaks down how we can use technology, give value and change the world with as little as a blog, good intentions, giving value and the will to succeed. When you read this book, you will understand how incredibly simple entrepreneurship can be because of the digital age we are in today.



5. Key Person Of Influence – Daniel Priestley: If you want to learn how to begin really building a business that will thrive in this new digital age, pick up this book. It’s the first book in his 5 part series, and it takes you through everything you need. The mindset, getting clarity on your business, how to get people to fall in love with doing business with you, creating digital assets, and tons of exercises & references to get you thinking along the way. This is the first book, and it is fitting because it’s about turning yourself into someone who has influence in your niche. Even the most introverted person has a subject or topic that they could talk for hours about with other like-minded folks, the key is to find a way to play within that space. This book starts you off on that journey.


I have read a lot more books, and naturally, there were gems in all of them. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a classic that I love. Since I get asked a lot about the books I read, and my top books, I usually think about the books that have changed my mindset for good.

The books that have me on the path to my personal legend, learning how to align myself with the universe, building a business that allows me to work within fields I am passionate about and finding the freedom of doing things that I want to do on my own time.

Reading these 5 books will have you thinking about life, people, and work completely different. If you are going to start with any of the books, start with 1 of the first 2 books I listed, to get yourself mentally in a better space. After that, try taking on one of the business books and get off to the races.

Let me know in the comments, what books have changed your life?


  1. Roxanne September 28, 2020at4:29 am

    I am really intrigued by the review or quote you left from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. That indeed is a word to be thought upon as well as by taking the necessary steps to attain or own something of our own to be able to make money while we sleep… Crushing it is a must read or listen for me to engage myself with based of your positive insights that can definitely be used in this digital age..I promise i will not try to steal you thunder but to implement my own brand as well key person of influence that emphasizes on niches for i am somewhat an introvert……


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