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About Keron Rose

It’s A Pleasure To Meet You…

I moved to the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago at the end of 2013 and the journey I have been on has definitely been life-changing for me. I came from Canada with a unique mash of skills and the timing of my move to Trinidad, has allowed me to see the gaps in the Caribbean region that my skills would allow me to fill.

My goal now is to help Caribbean Entrepreneurs find their footing in the digital age and coach them on building out their digital assets while blogging about my journey. I hope the people of the Caribbean diaspora take a look at my journey and think about a possible move to the Caribbean. With our mindset, skills, and drive, we will be able to transform our homes and become a key cog in the resurgence of the Caribbean.


Entrepreneurial Journey


The #1 Digital Business Podcast In The Caribbean

The Digipreneur FM podcast focuses on helping Caribbean Entrepreneurs build their businesses online and monetize their platforms. We also speak to the Caribbean’s top digital entrepreneurs to learn from their expertise & their story. 

digipreneur fm
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