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Bringing the message of digital entrepreneurship, e-Commerce and creating digital revenue streams to your stage!

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Actionable Learning With Tenacity& Humour

Keron Rose

Keron is someone who believes in edutainment. Focusing on captivating his audience and bringing actionable information to the stage.

When his presentations are all said and done, the audience is left with steps that they can take immediate action on. 

Keron knows that in order for your audience to feel like they got their money’s worth, they need to be able to stay awake throughout the presentation in order to take notes, that said Keron touches the stage with his infectious smile, a fiery passion and lighthearted touch. 

Keron is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver.

Current Keynote Speaking Topics

Digital Entrepreneurship

The focus is to expand the audiences minds and get them thinking about new digital opportunities.


E-Commerce allows you to participate in the global economy. We dive into what’s needed to start your E-Commerce journey. 

Building Your Digital Presence

This keynote focuses on teaching you how to become Googleable & a thought leader in your niche.

Digital Market
Insights Research

We teach you how to do digital research to learn about your audience & competition. 

Content Marketing 101

We learn about the various forms of content, the pros/cons of each medium and how to start creating content like a pro.

My Entrepreneurship Journey

I breakdown my journey and key lessons learned on my entrepreneurship journey and moving from Canada to Trinidad.

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