The Digital Strategist

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, having a digital strategy is crucial for staying competitive and relevant. It enables businesses to align their online initiatives with their overall goals, ensuring they effectively reach and engage their target audience most efficiently.

A digital strategist is essential for navigating the complexities of establishing an online presence, offering expert guidance on crafting and implementing a cohesive digital strategy that aligns with a business’s objectives. This role is crucial for achieving a competitive edge in the digital marketplace, ensuring that marketing efforts resonate effectively with the intended audience.

In the context of the Caribbean, where digital business is still burgeoning, the expertise of a digital strategist becomes even more critical. The region’s digital landscape is marked by a distinct lack of localized online resources, presenting unique challenges that require knowledgeable navigation. Engaging with a strategist who is well-versed in the Caribbean’s specific needs and opportunities can provide invaluable insights and direction, making it a strategic move for businesses aiming to thrive in this emerging digital frontier.

keron rose working with Dr. Shenilee Hazell of Smile Inn

Why Work With Me

Choosing me, as your partner in crafting your digital strategy leverages my extensive experience and successful portfolio. My expertise lies in seamlessly integrating digital and traditional media, enriching your digital presence. With a profound understanding of both the global landscape and the distinct challenges within the Caribbean market, I ensure your strategy is both cutting-edge and grounded, setting you on a path to outshine the competition in the growing digital realm.

Areas of expertise

Digital Strategy

Creating a comprehensive plan that leverages digital technologies to achieve business goals, enhance market presence, and drive customer engagement.

Content Marketing

I’ll help you craft a content marketing strategy that resonates with your audience, teaching you to create impactful content across visual, audio, and written formats that will allow you to build omnipresence. 

E-Commerce Strategy

I’ll guide you through understanding different online payment methods and strategies to increase your website’s sales, ensuring you’re well-equipped to thrive in the e-commerce space.

Digital Monetization

I collaborate with your business to educate and guide you on various digital monetization strategies, empowering you to implement effective revenue-generating tactics tailored to your unique needs.

Data Research

I’ll show you how to leverage search engine data from platforms like Google and Bing to uncover what your audience is seeking. This involves analyzing search trends and demographics to inform and refine your marketing and business development strategies.

Search Marketing

I instruct businesses on search marketing, covering SEO and visibility across search engines, crafting sought-after content, and using offline channels to enhance online presence, ensuring comprehensive digital visibility.

Digital Strategy Session

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Sessions are 90 minutes
$ 300usd In-Person or Virtual

I Look Forward To Working With You

I’m thrilled at the prospect of working together! Moving from Toronto to Trinidad transformed my approach to digital business, teaching me to navigate challenges not present in places like the US, Canada, or the UK. This journey, shared through my content since 2016, has equipped me with over 8 years of insights and strategies I’m eager to share with you. If you’re ready to dive in, simply fill out the form, and let’s schedule our session to start crafting your success story.

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