Don’t Throw Rocks

Life is really a marathon and every day you realize that you need to focus on getting better and not cheating the process.

Through daily situations, I really started to understand that perception is reality & people can only meet you where they are. Because of these realizations, I have become a whole lot more sympathetic about people but also become more conscious of my energy and how I guard it.

I am far from perfect! But I have enough self awareness to seek assistance in my journey of growth. I have thrown out the idea of bad talking people because really, these are people who have not realized their own issues. Giving your energy to these people and situations, only works to your detriment.

I read a passage yesterday that really threw me for a loop…but to paraphrase, it just spoke about when you are on your rise to doing great things, you will be tested by any means necessary to see just how committed you are to your goals and purpose.

It hit me because, I feel like January has been a major major month of opportunity and abundance, but just when everything is going great…here come those distractions.

This level of my life requires a great deal of growth, concentration, empathy, forgiveness and self-love. I can only control my energy and effort.

So if you are following me on my journey of growth…I wish you nothing but love and I tell everyone to reach out if they ever need to talk. I may not be where I want to be, but I know my journey has been helping some of you deal with the things you are going through in your life.

I love doing these random thought entries…and I will be doing them some more.

Today, I just want you to understand this. Your journey of growth is yours, do what feels right and continue to grow. The more you grow, the more you will be tested…But always remember…They can never throw rocks at the sun, they can’t reach it!

Rise above the noise, focus, & they will never be able to throw you off track.

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