It’s Not About Me

One thing that people may not know about me, is that I have a deep desire to make people around me realize their own happiness and success. I realize that this has always been a trait I had but I went about it wrong.

Before, I would be that guy who took joy in spending my money or giving things to people to make them happy. I did this way to much and you start losing sight of real friendships because you start thinking if people are only here for what you can do for them.

This was something I had to cut down as it does not help or serve anybody. But you know what does help and serve everybody…giving knowledge.

This is a tricky thing though. Knowledge has a time and place to be received. If you try giving it to the wrong people, somehow they take this negatively, they start feeling threatened, and it turns into them thinking that you are better than them, which leads to resentment.

I believe over the last few months, I have really doubled down on just being the best version of myself. Reading more, working on my mental health, trying not to force life and letting it come to me, and surrounding myself with people who are in alignment with my journey.

It’s in this last month or so, I realized something magical happen. I have began meeting some extremely gifted and high vibrational people.

They are so committed to their own journeys and doing amazing things, that during our convos, I might make one suggestion and all of a sudden, it has opened up their minds to something bigger or solves a critical problem for their business.

They would ask more questions and I in turn would tell them, lets go for coffee and let me help you work on what you got going on (just buy me lunch) LOL.

Being in a position myself where all I need is my laptop & internet to do my own work, I can usually sit down with my people somewhere and do my work but also help them with what they got going on.

In building my own brand, I have learned so much about branding, marketing, website development, SEO, and the tools to help you tie it all together.

Helping them has never been forced because these are people I align with and I do not charge anybody!!!

Keron Rose

You see…It’s not about me!!! Success is measured by how many people you can make successful. Now that doesn’t mean I go around helping every single person, as most importantly you have to protect your energy and time.

But the people who I am connected to and I am in alignment with, get my 100% support. I need to see them win. If we are to make the impact on this world and bring our Caribbean region up to speed with the rest of the world, we can only do this together.

Another thing that I am starting to learn is that, things really change for the people who learn how to connect the dots…way more so than for the people who are the actual dots…think about this statement for a bit.

Have you ever really thought about how much money you want to make? I am sure you probably have and its probably a good amount that will take care of all of your needs.

I read something that touched me to my core the other day…But I now basically want to make the kind of money that will allow me to make a global impact!

Everyday, I put myself in a position where the numbers I submit on my proposals are numbers I haven’t even dreamed of earning and the ONLY thoughts I have when I finally sign off on these contracts, is just what it will allow me to do with & for my team.

It’s not about me! Becoming a key person of influence will allow me to access resources that I never had and will allow me to do the work that will ultimately give me the fulfilment I am searching for.

Understand that I am on a mission that you may not understand or agree with…Just know that whatever I am doing is in alignment for me. I do not know how things will turn out in the future but I am here, creating in the present. It feels good, I am happy, things are opening up for me, people are seeing their own success around me and in those moments, I am reminded that I am on the right track.

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