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You Can’t Afford To Wait for The Government!

You Can’t Afford To Wait for The Government!

Fun fact about me is that 99% of the times you see me in public, I usually have headphones in. I tune out a lot of that background noise when I am on the go because I am very intentional about the things I consume and try not to hear too much of the radio or peoples conversations. If there is one thing that tends to throw me off is listening to the radio in T&T or even hearing some of the conversations being had.

We really and truly keep ourselves stuck in this doom and gloom mindset. But the one thing I hate to keep hearing from people is almost anything related to the government. You can’t afford to wait for the government to provide opportunities for you.

This isn’t a blog that is about to get political, my platform will always be about pushing the boundaries of our mindset in the Caribbean and the diaspora, to become more self-reliant and take matters into their own hands.

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