Stop Searching & Start Creating

This blog is more of a reminder for me but I am sure someone probably needs to hear this message as well. I don’t mind when people complain or voice their frustrations about the problems they see or are being faced with, but I instantly get annoyed when they either have no solutions or are not trying to help with a resolution. I mean you won’t be able to solve everything but if you train your mind to start thinking about resolutions, there is a mental shift that happens for you.

One of the main issues I hear for what seems like a billion times a day, is the cry from people about how there are no jobs, no opportunities here in T&T. I am always blown away by those statements because for one, you have people migrating from all around the world to T&T and somehow seem to be creating their own opportunities.

The reason I am so passionate about technology & entrepreneurship is that when you are able to merge the two, we have possibilities that we have never had before.

You are a Google search away from a completely different life.

Keron Rose

Take that in for a second! One Google search can start you down the rabbit hole of information that can completely change your perspective of the current landscape in Trinidad and the Caribbean by extent. We need so many things here, that there is just no way on earth I will ever understand when I hear, there are no opportunities.

By the way, I am not going to debate it either, if you think otherwise, feel free to hit the X on this blog, there are no hard feelings.

Moving here a few years ago, I realized that the opportunities are endless in the Caribbean for those who are willing to look at the market objectively and take the time to spot the gaps, learn the skills they will need and go out there and fill it.

Mentally I remind myself every single day, stop looking for an opportunity that may not exist and start thinking about what you can create today. Everything I have gotten and done within my very short stay in Trinidad has come from what I have created.

If I never started my Droid Island blog, you would of never of seen me on TV, heard me on the radio, seen me working with some of the biggest brands in Trinidad.

If I never started the site, you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now.

This is the digital age! The world is going to value those with skills and the paper/certificates won’t mean as much as they once did. With so many holes in the Caribbean and so many new skills on the market, you can literally pick a skill that can interest you, learn it and go out and fill in one of the many gaps.

So my message to you today is…Stop searching & start creating!

We need more solution minded folks and less of the complainers, naysayers and those who have a PhD in Problem Identification. Y’all can grab a 1-way ticket and fly out!


  1. Nancy Pierre-Campo July 2, 2019at11:41 am

    Agreed 100%. Some of us are waiting on the government to do what we can engineer ourselves, either en masse or individually. But, given the activity, I have seen on LinkedIn and other sources I think the momentum to a critical mass is building and those that choose to see the opportunity will outpace the Problem Identification PHD’s.


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