I Am Not Tech-Savvy

Have you found yourselves at times being overwhelmed with the sheer amount of digital tools, digital marketing platforms, CRM’s, email marketing platforms? The list goes on with how many tools are being introduced or innovated at an alarming rate. It gets scary for many and what’s even scarier is that if you are not using them or learning them, you will eventually lose! The saying “I am not tech-savvy”, is no longer an excuse. From now on, any business that you are in, you must also be a tech business as well.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to compete in the digital age without learning the new tools of the trade. I cringe whenever I walk into a business and they are still taking payments by cash only or offering me a receipt that’s handwritten and fresh out of the receipt book.

You need systems that track your sales, communicate to your customers, set up reminders and notifications, gain sales online, etc. These are all systems that need to be integrated into your business if you are to have any success in your business.

Take 2 min and ask yourself, what are all the pieces of technology you use in your business. Even if it’s your phone to send emails to your clients, that’s a piece of technology.

Today, this is more of a rant or better yet, food for thought. Business in 2019 and moving forward, will only be as good as the technology they use to deliver an amazing customer service experience.

“A business in 2019 and moving forward, will only be as good as the technology they use to deliver an amazing customer service experience.”

Keron Rose

The old adage of tried and true, will not get you moving forward. You leave the door open for someone who is more creative and more willing to how to use the necessary systems to deliver a better experience to the same clients in your market.

The right pieces of technology can allow for solopreneurs to compete with larger players in your space!

So I want all of my fellow entrepreneurs to take a really good look at themselves if you are not tech-savvy or catch yourself saying this to yourself. You need to be willing to open up and put yourself in a position to start to learn the new skills or start hiring the right people who are tech-savvy and can aid you.

There are many people overpaying for services and also for labour, that if they understood what technology they needed in their business, they could reduce expenses dramatically. Those savings could then be further used to invest in other aspects of the business to continue to grow.

I’ll say it again…I am not tech-savvy is no longer an excuse.


  1. Timothy Armstrong December 7, 2019at6:09 pm

    This is so true , Thanks keron for edifying us on why we need to level up our skillset . I would like to reccomend for people who are not so techy or for people who are looking for way to automate their business for 2020 to use Hubspot C.R.M it perfect for both marketing and sales and is also a solution to what Keron spoke about . I am not sponsered by this brand i just wanted to offer a solution to there problems.


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