The Trinidad Problem & Why I Started Doing Workshops

I am not one to complain to much but there are many times we see issues and it gets so hard to not want to grab your friend, drink a beer and just vent. That seems to be what many people do (maybe no beer is involved) or they call into their favourite radio stations and vent about all of the problems happening within the country.

People don’t realize that all of this complaining and pointing out every single problem, is actually a problem because 99% of people won’t actually do anything about it. Many citizens of T&T look at the current state of affairs and think doom & gloom when the truth is that there has never been a time with more opportunity. But it is an opportunity for those who have been upgrading their skills and mindset and are now beginning to figure out the gaps and how they can actually now fill those gaps.

We are in the midst of a wave called the “convergent disruption”. This happens when tons of new technology hit the market and people begin figuring out how to use it and implement it, to create their systems. We are having breakthroughs in every single field known to us and for those who have been keeping up with the times, are now poised to fill some major gaps in the market.

The Trinidad problem, however, is to stay in the struggle game. The struggle game is one where we idolize the struggle. We continue to talk about how hard things are and don’t try to create any solutions. Misery loves company so we continue to shout about the problems from the top of the mountain.

We are stuck, clinging to the past, in our comfort zone, delusional and continue to believe that what got us in this position a few years ago, will get us to the next month. People who are addicted to the struggle, never see the big picture because they are to busy working on a plan that will predictably fail.

Even when you provide these people or businesses that help and resources they need to succeed in the digital age, they often decline because they are unwilling to get out of their comfort zone. It doesn’t even matter why we continue to struggle here in T&T, ultimately, we need to recognize that these are new times and we must learn the skills, the technology and gain the right mindset if we are to succeed today.

Why I Started Doing Workshops

One of the things that plays on my mind a lot, is just how detrimental the media is in T&T. Whenever you turn on the radio, the TV or even listen to general conversations, it is always doom and gloom.

We seem to always have the people who cannot help us or motivate us, getting the biggest platforms. And so many of the people who are doing something a positive, are preaching outdated thoughts and processes, that just won’t move the needle. Or their business is positioned to make them money or bring awareness to their causes but it doesn’t help in the grand scheme.

For me, nothing motivates me more than learning practical and relevant skills in this CURRENT TIME! Please don’t tell me I need to go to a resume writing class, when you have some amazing online tools with fantastic visually appealing templates, for you to just plug in your data and when you have a platform like Linkedin who is looking to eradicate resumes through their many services.

I once asked someone who was hosting a workshop on writing business plans and I asked her for a couple of ways business plans are used in 2019, rather than taking the moment to educate me, she threw a hissy fit online and ended up blocking me.

It gets to a point where enough is enough and you really need to live that old saying, “be the change you want to see in the world.” I have realized that over the past few years, I have amassed some great skills that have been coming up big for me and because I get asked on a daily basis about how I’ve done things or where I have learned things, when I tell people Google university, they are usually happy they can get the info for free and then never do it because they realize how much work and time it takes in the research to learn from Google.

When you pay for information, you are really paying for the experts guidance to a particular goal and to learn the skill without all the trials and tribulations the expert went through.

There is just a small contingent of people who preach entrepreneurship but an even smaller contingent of people who are preaching about the skills and mindset needed to build in the digital age.

I’ve decided to be apart of that really small group who blogs and makes content around the skills and possibilities for us in the digital age but I’m doubling down on actually teaching those skills.

I feel like deep down I have always been a teacher but just not in the traditional sense. I hate shirt and ties, I want to stand up in front of the class in a T-shirt or hoodie, Jeans and a fitted cap and speak the way I want to speak without worry of having to temper my personality.

I have so much fun building Droid Island and becoming the tech personality Mr Droid but I have more fun being myself and teaching entrepreneurs the skills that are going to help them build their businesses and create that lifestyle they want.

I want Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean region and the diaspora to realize that a struggling mindset is a choice. We are no longer limited to only learning what we are being told. We are one Google search away from a different point of view and a change of life.

There are many days I have gone broke and realized that because of my skills, I can do something to go out and earn money in multiple ways.

It’s hard to be broke when you have an abundance mindset!

Keron Rose

At some point, we need to tune out the news and begin asking ourselves, what do we want to do with our lives? And I shit you not….GOOGLE the answers that we come up with and start learning from those who are currently doing it and not those who built their fortunes 20 years ago.

I share so many resources on my platform because I want to spark the minds of anybody who stumbles unto my platform. I don’t want to motivate you by telling you to go out and work harder, get a job, places are hiring!

I want to motivate you by showing you that we have the power to really take matters into our own hands and many times it doesn’t cost money, it will take our time, our creativity and just sheer will power to build what we want, right here in T&T.

I know this blog wasn’t packed with many actionable tips today but I wanted to just let you know that there are so many opportunities available for us right now. I learned skills and decided to teach those to others, I no longer wanted to be on the sidelines while people feel like there is just no hope for the small man to compete today.

Ask yourself today…What are you doing to be the change you want to see in our community?

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    Thank You for your thoughts—–keep talking some out here are listening and taking the advice


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