Are You Waiting For That Raise?

Its been officially 1 month since I received that job offer and decided to get back on the 9-5 grind. So far it’s been great, I get up an extra hour earlier to ensure that I get my readings and my blogs done, I have a bit more disposable income to invest in the courses I wanted to take to upgrade my skills and invest into my business and because I was offered a role in which I excel in, I am not left feeling drained at the end of the day.

But being at that 9 to 5 made me realize something. The talks of promotions, bonuses, quarterly appraisals, salary increases, they all take REALLLLLLLY long to happen. To be honest, having my own business has spoiled but also enlightened me. So before we dive into today’s blog, let me ask you, all of my people who are in the 9 to 5 grind right now, are you waiting for that raise?

Being able to create revenue through my business in multiple ways, I know that I can make good money through various means. Having just the additional income alone from my day job allows me more freedom and flexibility to do things that I may have second-guessed or put off before. But I know that with every earned dollar I get from the company, I am putting into my skills or business, so that I can scale and get my skills where they need to be.

Whenever the talks of bonuses and pay rises come up and you start to let it sink in about how much work you need to do to earn that extra income, it just doesn’t make sense. Putting in 3 months of blood sweat and tears to earn an extra 2-5k in a quarter? There are much better ways to invest your time and money than to kill yourself for the raise or bonus.

Now, I am not saying that you should slack off at work. I just want to highlight the importance of developing an entrepreneurial mind and spirit, even if its just to earn extra money alongside your day job.

In a roundabout way, I have become even more invigorated to continue growing my skills. I just can’t wrap my mind around how long you need to wait to earn extra money by going the 9-5 route.

I had also stumbled across an article on my timeline a few days ago and it was giving you 10 tips on how to ask for a raise from the boss. I probably stopped at #3 because it went into documenting how much revenue you are generating over a 6 month period and providing the numbers to the business so that you can begin making your case for a raise. I’m just not gonna do that to be honest.

Do You Have a Suggestion Keron or You Just Pointing Out The Obvious?

So…I know what you are thinking, at this point, you have probably nodded your head to every paragraph because you have noticed it or you are chuckling because I am preaching to the choir but now you are asking…”What do we do Keron?”

One of the easiest things and I mean the absolutely easiest things you can do to earn extra cash, that would probably be easier than begging for that raise or waiting for your quarterly/yearly bonus is…Buy & Sell.

Buying & Selling products will never fail you. The only thing you need to do is sell things that you have knowledge about so that you can have an engaging conversation with buyers or find things that people need and can’t get or can’t get at a good price.

In terms of where you are selling it…if you are just looking to make that extra cash as a side hustle but not looking to turn this into a business, you can stick using platforms like Facebook Marketplace or the hundreds of selling groups and you can also sell on Instagram.

Making an extra 1-2k a month from buying and reselling small items is better than waiting an entire quarter or year for a bonus.

We have platforms to market your products and we have a ton of options for logistics to get your products to your customers.

Funny thing is, I have all of my products delivered to my workplace and then I have the products picked up and delivered to the customers. Seeing all of the phones coming into my work, always gets the co-workers excited and the word continues to spread the Mr Droid is in the building lol.

You need to start thinking like this…You need to get your everyday money, your every week money and your every month money!

Keron Rose

If you are in a 9-5 gig, you are currently getting that every week money or if you get paid monthly, you got the every month money.

The goal is now to start thinking about, how can you take some of that money and start getting paid every day. They say the avg salary in Trinidad is about $6000ttd, divide that by 30 and you get $200. Reselling Bath & Bodyworks product can net you more than $200 a day, which will effectively allow you to earn your monthly salary or more in your side hustle.

If you are earning your salary or more in your side hustle, well my friends, you won’t need to continue struggling to make it to payday, dying for the bonuses or getting overly frustrated when you don’t get that raise you thought you were gonna get.

You have the power to have full autonomy over what you make and only you can answer that question, are you going to wait for that raise to earn more money?


  1. Avion Anderson August 24, 2019at10:41 pm

    Excellent article. I was once like that – working one job, waiting for raise of pay, that promotion and bonus, when it comes close to Christmas. Then I embarked on a side venture and getting that raise of pay did not bother me anymore.


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