What Is My Motivation?

This has always been a pain point for me, finding my motivation. I have known from since I was younger, that I could be very resourceful when I really wanted something. It’s a factor that has driven ingenuity since the dawn of time and one that we often probably overlook more often than not.

The driving force behind when I started Droid Island was simple and practical, moving to Trinidad & Tobago, mobile expertise was and still is extremely poor. Our mobile devices are far too important for their not to be a high level of expertise and I had set out to make an impact there. I am still driven in that area because I love where the technology is going and we still need vasts amount of help here in T&T with expertise in this field.

At 32, I have grown so much and as much as I loveeeee smartphones and all of their amazing capabilities, it doesn’t leave me fulfilled. The feeling of wanting to make an impact in my community is something new for me. Everyday I jump on social media, we are constantly reminded with how messed up the world is and how far behind we are in the Caribbean.

Most of the conversations I see online here in the T&T community are simply years behind other places. The conversations that happen on all of the platforms of authority (tv, radio, newspapers) keep us trapped in this 3rd world mindset and it has started to weigh on me.

I’m only 5 years into living here and I just keep thinking to myself, when will we turn the corner and start thinking more progressively. But whenever I listen to the media, I am reminded that the powers at be, always profit on the ignorance of others. Despite what people may think, Trinidad is not in the dumps. Matter of fact, I amazed with all of the conferences, investors and companies taking interest in setting up shop in Trinidad.

There is so much happening around the country and across the region, yet it is rarely ever talked about in any capacity. So of course people feel like its all doom and gloom when it is all we are ever being fed.

This has started to really bother me. When I look around, the people who receive the most praise, get access to features and put on the pedestals, are usually the people who offer very little value in the way of actually helping people move forward to betterment.

Seeing DJ’s and radio personality’s make the list of top 40 influencers here in T&T by a Ministry is a huge slap towards the people who are really out here in the trenches making a much bigger impact.

I realize more and more, the only for us to move forward as a society, is people need to see how they can become more self-reliant and not need to beg for assistance from the system. Not the government, not the radio or tv platforms to be featured, we need to learn how to generate our own buzz, make our own money whether its local currency or foreign exchange, but we need to learn how this is all possible.

I have never been more motivated than I am today. To show people how to leverage technology to build their lives. I have never been more motivated to shift away from meaningless conversations for the greater good of our people.

The answer to so many of our problems isn’t moving away to another country, where we face even bigger problems like fitting into systemic racist societies who want us to conform (but that’s another convo). I want us to build our happiness and find our fulfilment right here.

After spending 28 years in Canada, fighting all the racism that I’ve gone through and never feeling like I was ever at home until my vacations in Trinidad, I am more motivated in being apart of the building of T&T.

We have so much talent, we have so much to gain, we just need to know and understand the possibilities that can happen right here. We have all of the tools to live right here in Trinidad & Tobago to be happy, build a business that has no geographical restrictions and one that pushes our community forward.

My motivation is to see the Caribbean thrive and see the conversations that happen online in our communities be just a bit more fruitful.


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