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Keron Rose

The WordPress workshop pt 2

My name is Keron Mc Leish better known as Keron Rose or Mr Droid. We will dive into the Rose part another day. I am a Content Creator who creates content around Smartphone Tech, Entrepreneurship and Technology that Entrepreneurs can use to build their businesses online.

In the 1st instalment of the Create series, we learned the fundamentals of how to build a WordPress website. We learned about how to go about creating an effective domain name, the different types of websites on the market and selecting what would work best for you. We also got to talk about the various ways your website can generate revenue and the payment processors we have access too. Attendees left with free hosting for 1 month and a free theme of their choice to get them started. 

For the WordPress Workshop pt 2, this time I will have a Stephon Duncan who is the owner of Overmill Web Hosting, who is also a web developer, on hand so that we can actually start building our websites. We will learn about the best plugin’s for our websites, setup page builders and learn how to begin customizing our website. This will be 3 hours of straight work!

What We Will cover

Page Builders

We will be going through a couple page builders and learning how to use them to create pages.

Theme Customizing

This is your time to get help, learning how to customize your theme.


We will walk you through setting up your carts and payment gateways.


We will learn about the various plugin's you need for performance and SEO


Key questions you have, be sure to have them written down, so that you can have them answered during the workshop.

The 3 Key Takeaway's

The goal of this workshop is to have you working on your website and getting comfortable with customizing and understanding how to navigate the back end of WordPress. 


You will be able to customize current pages and create new pages.


Have installed the plugin’s to help you with performance, customization and SEO. 

Getting Paid Online

You will have your cart and payment gateways setup

The Details

This workshop will be limited to 10 spots. In order for you to be eligible for this workshop, you must have prior to the workshop:

– Domain & Hosting

– WordPress Theme

If you need help getting this together, contact me.

Date & Time

Sept 21st, 5-8pm

The Investment



Haggan Daz, Port of Spain (Around the Savannah)

Payment Info

There are various methods to go about securing your ticket. You can pay via Credit Card ($44.25usd=$300ttd), Bank Deposit/Online Bank Transfer or Paywise. Scroll down for info on the various methods. 

To make a payment via Bank Deposit or Online Bank Transfer, please make the payment out to:

Bank Name: Scotiabank

Account Name: Six Sense Media

Account Number: 4018738

Account Type: Chequing

Please send a picture or screenshot of payment confirmation to [email protected]

To pay via Paywise, view the locations of the agents (Agent Locations) and you can visit them to make a cash payment. Payment details are as follows:

Account Name: Six Sense Media

Account #: 100-523-648-000

You can purchase a Wipay Voucher at any of these locations (Wipay Agents). When you purchase the voucher, please send a picture of the voucher to [email protected]



Phone : +  (868) 627-5892

Create With Me

Keron Rose
Keron Rose

Ready to start building your website and share your product’s, services, knowledge with the world and build a community? Learning how to build your own website is one of the best investments that you can do for yourself.

Keron Rose

Who I Have Worked With

Your Investment

The Create Workshop
$ 300TTD

Are You Ready To Create?

Becoming a better content creator will impact your life in so many different ways. We all have a message to get out and I want to help you with that. Let’s Create magic.

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