2019: The Year of Self Discovery

This past week, there was quite a bit of workshops happening all over the country, as it was Global Entrepreneurship Week. Judging by the pictures I have seen so far, it looked like everybody got their intended turn out. For me, I decided that my offering would be an open forum on Online Business in Trinidad & Tobago. Allowing all attendees to ask as many questions as they wanted to me and Cassia Marina. I also got to throw Lyndon Braithwaite and Devon X Scott on the spot with questions into their niche.

But as 2019 comes to a close, I have really taken a look at some of the messages the universe has been sending me over the past couple of weeks and I really must say, 2019 has been the year of self-discovery.

I have met so many new faces over the past couple of weeks and everybody has been talking about figuring themselves out and trying to carve out their niches. Wanting to learn more about getting their messaging right and how to go about building the components to increase their brand presence and how to start building their online business.

It’s been flattering that many of you have come to me with questions and wanting to know how I have built my own path. Truth be told…this entire year, I have been in my own head and have spent the ENTIRE year trying to figure out exactly…Who Is Keron Rose? What makes him happy? What does he have to offer?

Since I was 19, I have been known for my prowess in the mobile education space. I love smartphone technology, I can speak it with the best of them and I absolutely love educating people on how their smartphones can help them in their lives and business.

This year though, I started to get more questions on how I built Droid Island and questions on the tools, how I have been able to network and pull off events, etc. In having these conversations, I realized that there are so many people who need help in Entrepreneurship, Online Business, Marketing & Branding.

At 32, I have gotten more joy at helping people build something even more essential and important in their lives. I realize more and more the importance of Entrepreneurship. I am a firm believer that E-commerce is the way for many of us to finally exit the rat race and greatly supplement our incomes if we are at a 9-5.

I have also finally understood where I can have the biggest impact and it is arguably in the most IMPORTANT gap here in the Caribbean. That gap is in education. Not so much in our school system but EVERY single company and institution is doing a completely terrible job at educating their market on their products and solutions.

From Banks to our telecommunications companies, our tech companies…Everybody believes that if they build it, they will come. Nope! If you aren’t educating the consumers and they don’t understand how to use it, the adoption rate will never be what it could be.

Plus, people have been burned so many times here in the Caribbean, that they are not quick to jump on anything new.

The gap that my content fills, is I am able to look at solutions being provided by the companies and educating the public on how it works and how it can be incorporated into your business or day to day life.

Companies like working with me because I am able to show people the different ways to use their products and the public like my content because it’s usually the only place to go to learn about what the companies are actually doing.

So 2019 has been that year of self-discovery for myself because it naturally took me a full year of being consistent in this new space for people to really understand the problem in the market and for me to build the credibility needed to become a trusted source of information and a guide to help you build your business.

What Does 2020 Look Like For Mr. Rose?

Well, folks…Droid Island is still a big part of me. I am a tech geek at heart and it will never die. Plus I still love that online community and E-commerce business I have built.

What will be new for me is now I will be doing much more in the space of Entrepreneurship & Online Business. I really want to double down on helping others in the Caribbean look at E-commerce as a sustainable path to building a business or adding to what they are already doing.

So you will see more e-books, workshops, my online school and I will finally start doing 1 on 1 consulting sessions.

Most importantly, I have learned how much I can do on my own, with a very small budget and I excited at some of the partnerships I am working on with companies who have a whole lot more resources than me. I am extremely curious and excited to see what I can create with some of the companies I am currently engaging with right now.

If 2019 was a year of self-discovery for you, I hope that you take next couple weeks to breathe a sigh of relief that you made it through the year. 2019 tested EVERYBODY’s beliefs and perceptions about themselves and the market they are trying to serve.

2020 is the year where we hit the ground running with a renewed faith in ourselves. 2020 is the year that we have been preparing for all of our lives. It is the year where our Experience, Passion & Timing finally intersect to create magic, it is the intersection where we can finally start to live in our genius.

For me, 2020 is the year of Mr. Droid & Mr. Rose! It is the year that will make every trial & tribulation worth it.

It is the year that I finally take the next step in my journey and really become an agent of change in the Caribbean.

If 2020 is the year you will be stepping out of your comfort zone to claim your space, let me know in the comments. Let me know that 2020 is the year you are claiming your space!

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  1. Naturally Free November 24, 2019at6:27 pm

    Nothing great goes unrecognized. You’re definitely someone providing sound and beneficial knowledge to the masses. Keep up the great work and definitely keep sharing. Your shared knowledge is of great help. All the best in your future endeavors.


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