The Mission Over Money

I’ve been on a mission for a while now…Most won’t understand it, most will think it’s a fool’s mission…but chances are, if you are following me and I have resonated with you, we have similar mindsets. The time we live in allows for us to have every opportunity to create something that has a far greater impact than we could have dreamed of before.

The problem is too many people are still hell-bent on “securing the bag” and not enough on the things that truly ignite their passions. You can focus on the mission over money and find fulfilment, the money will come.

Now it’s no secret that many of the entrepreneurs and business owners are influenced by the brands they follow from other countries and try to implement a lot of the same tactics that they do in their markets, here…However, as someone who has spent the majority of my life in Canada, trying to implement much of what we see happening in first world countries is ludicrous.

Many of the businesses here in the Caribbean have no idea about the psychology that goes into a lot of the content in first world countries. It’s also a clear indication that they really don’t know what the people of the Caribbean people need or how to speak to them.

For example…you will see many entrepreneurs in the states talking about the money they make, posting their Paypal or Samcart sales figures not just for clout but to also show you that they know what they are talking about in their respective spaces. We do that over there because in Canada/US, there is so much noise and we need to see who can help us get the results we need. Nothing says you know what you are talking about then posting your financial statements and it’s a great tactic that has worked.

However, when you are showing the world how you have made 30k(USD) in a week, why would this be a tactic you try to adopt here in the Caribbean? More and more entrepreneurs are talking about the money they have made (and I stress “talking”) and will never actually go the distance to post-sales history or show any proof of the feats they are claiming.

We know that here in the Caribbean, we are behind many countries in the world in various sectors. The last thing we need are the empty promises of people who are telling you that they can help you make your next 5k or 10k (TTD).

We need more people who see the challenges of the Caribbean in all sectors and are willing to roll up their sleeves and lead with their mission, understanding and compassion.

Everything I see from people these days is coming off more and more as a hustle, as desperation to be seen as someone who has cracked the code for success or that they are just flat broke and desperate for a hail mary with quick money grab schemes.

While social media has allowed many of us the chance to build our business, it’s also allowing more people to disguise their intentions and accolades, by the use of pretty pictures and heart-tugging copy.

You can’t knock the hustle but as a region, we need to get better at identifying the people who can really help us and who aren’t out here to solely snatch your hard-earned dollars.

Today…My colleague Cassia Marina shot me a message with a new business that just stepped out on the scene. Offering to register your business, do your Facebook ads, a few business cards, a logo and a 3-page website for around 20k(TTD).

Now, the problem I have is…Who are you? What have you done? Where is your portfolio? If you don’t have a social media following on any platform, how/why on earth why I trust you to build my brand?

Why don’t you create content so we know who the people are behind this brand and showcase your knowledge? I don’t fight anybody down on their prices that they charge but If you haven’t communicated your value and shown me that you have proven results, I wouldn’t spend a penny at your business.

It’s a business that shows me that it’s out for the money. In 2020 and beyond, companies can no longer simply be about money. There has to be something bigger at play.

As the baby boomers are handing over the transfer of wealth to the millennial generation, studies have increasingly shown that millennials are pushing more and more companies into social responsibility. A poll from Nielsen (a Global Data Analytics Company) conducted a study that shown over 81% of millennials want their brands to make declarations and show their corporate responsibility.

So why am I saying this you are asking? Simply put…if you are building a business, you need to connect to your audience and target market. Talking about all of the money you make here in the Caribbean, when right now we are going through so many challenges, seems like the most inappropriate thing to do at this current time.

Now is the time for the teachers, the nurturers, the people who give a damn about actually building up the people of the region, so that we can move forward in the right direction.

I assure you…the time for the “money mindset”, isn’t today. All the money affirmations in the world are not going to save you when that’s all your focus is on.

Do you want to know the secret of attracting money? Learn a skill and find a group of people that you can become extremely valuable too.

Keron Rose

Learn how to help people, learn how to care for them, figure out their pain points and learn how to solve them. Not only will you learn skills in the process, but you will also feel fulfilled and guess what…you will be paid.

So hopefully…we see less and less of these posts talking about how much money people have made, in the grand scheme, 20k TTD is no real money!

The hunt for money has always lead people astray. In 2019, it has people getting online and promising you the world…stealing others content and trying to make themselves seem like they are the people to coach you to the millions.

I will always urge you guys to do your due diligence. Take a look at the brands of people, look at who they have worked with, their portfolio, ask questions and most of all, look for the people who are on a mission.

A mission to help build the region and the human capital within it. Chances are, they are going to be hell-bent at seeing you succeed! Each one needs to teach one, for us to succeed on the whole.

Mission > Money…

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