6 Reasons Why I Never Get Burnt Out!

Burn out has been such a serious topic lately and because of the number of times I have been hearing people talking about their situations of burnout over the last week and people have been contacting me, asking how have I been dealing with it. I started to realize that I don’t get burnt out and started to question why I never get burnt out.

I have taken 1 vacation in the last 5 years and I have been going hard into building my brand since 2016. The one stretch where I started to get annoyed, felt off my game and tired, was the 6 months I spent working at Digicel.

I remember when Lily Singh (Superwoman) announced that she was going through some bad burn out and I had a quite a few people who follow me, reached out and sent the article to me, but also told me that I need to slow down and take a break before they start hearing about me complaining of burn out. But over the past week, I have come to the conclusion...I do not get burnt out! But why?

It hit me though, I have spent so much of my time over the past few years creating in my zone of genius and working towards building a life that I live on my terms. My readers know I love to write list posts lol, so let me try to give you guys 6 reasons I don’t ever experience burn out and maybe this can help you guys out as well.

My 6 Reasons I Never Get Burnt Out

  • Entrepreneurship is great for my mental health
  • I focus on a mission that fulfills me
  • I know when to take my breaks
  • I have changed my environment
  • I am working in my zone of genius
  • I am constantly reading and learning

Entrepreneurship is great for my mental health – There is so much freedom in working on your terms and having control of your own schedule. I woke up this morning and decided that today, I have some errands to run and I don’t feel like going to my office, so I will work from home. I no longer stress about doing work because the projects I am involved in are all things I have created and are in alignment with my purpose. Entrepreneurship is so much more than just working for yourself, its about doing things that further your purpose. I have taken so much time to figure out what I want to do and how I want to be of service to my community and everything I do drives the purpose every day.

I Focus on a Mission That Fulfills Me – This has been the key for me to wake up every day. I know that I want to be a huge contributor to the Caribbean. Through Droid Island, I am able to learn about tech every day, teach it to my audience and sell some great smartphones that help everybody achieve their goals. My personal brand is all about talking about Entrepreneurship, creating conversations and showing the region how they can use technology to build their lives. I wake up every day, driven, mind racing with so many thoughts of what to create that will help the region.

I Know When To Take My Breaks – A huge part I love that the freedom of Entrepreneurship gives me, is I am able to take my breaks when I know that I am not in the best of moods to create my best work. There have been many times I have woke up and did not feel to work or I tried to do work and nothing was coming out. So I would close the laptop, throw on some clothes and go hit the movies. The movies are one of my favourite ways to unwind and recharge. Learning my triggers and when my body needs to slow down has been very key for me.

I Have Changed My Environment – North American culture can be very toxic and taxing. We are lead to believe that we must never settle, we must always be working or else we are wasting time. Society is always in our faces about getting the newer, bigger, shinier thing and we must always compete with our peers to show who is living a better life. Moving to the Caribbean, I do not feel the daily pressures I use to feel in that Toronto lifestyle. Since moving, I have seen another way of life (its not perfect) but I have learned so much and gained a new perspective. I love the Caribbean life with modern luxuries lol, but the change of environment has done wonders for me. It’s hard to feel burnt out with all this natural Vitamin D in my system. I love to just go take a walk, even if it’s to the doubles stand or to the bar to drink a Stag.

I Am Working In My Zone Of Genius – What does this mean you ask? It’s about building a business that isn’t just new or trendy but building it around what comes to you naturally. It’s about doing what comes to you naturally, so that work never feels like work. It’s about building a personal brand that is 100% authentically you! Just imagine getting paid to be yourself or building a business that has your DNA coursing through it. I make my money talking tech, teaching, creating conversations and doing all of this in the Caribbean. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

I Am Constantly Reading & Learning – Since I am always reading and learning about the latest technology and the changes of the world, I am constantly seeing where I need to improve my skills and gaining different perspectives, that allow me to fit into the changing environments. There are many people who hear their respective industries are changing and begin trying to work even harder in hopes they can keep their job and not get laid off. When you are constantly evaluating the world, your skills, your mental health and doing the necessary introspection, you will be prepared for changes and it becomes much easier to transition with the world.

Many people who are burnt out are working in jobs they are not passionate about or working in toxic environments. As an employee, we do not have the flexibility to work and do things on our terms. Most jobs kill our creativity and passion. We aren’t able to take those breaks needed without fear of repercussion.

While many people say, not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, not everyone is meant to be an employee either. We live in the digital age people. We are no longer forced to work for employers, it is a conscious choice we make every single day. The 6 months I spent at Digicel, when I decided to quit, I knew that I would never work for anybody again. So I have been learning about myself, figured out what I could create, how I could use my passions to be of service and started working on acquiring the skills I needed to build the mission.

So here we are, going on 3 years later. I have not experienced burn out, I love the life that I am actively and intentionally creating and I wish more people will be open to learning how they can create the life they want to live and on their terms, so we can have more mentally healthy people who are fueled every day they wake up, to contribute to the world.

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