I’m Thinking of Starting a Podcast…

So this is something I have been thinking of doing for a while now but you know how it goes…life happens, you overthink the process and before you know, months have passed and you haven’t gotten started. It happens to the best of us. I’ve been wanting to start a podcast because its the only medium that allows for passive consumption.

There’s nothing like doing something and having that podcast on in the background or taking it when you are on your travels. I’ve been cutting down on listening to music and consciously listening to more podcasts and take notes when I can.

The thing with acquiring this new mindset and skills to thrive in our current times is that we need to immerse ourselves in the content from these new-age entrepreneurs who are making money in today’s current climate.

Your growth and willingness to understand what today’s digital era is all about needs to become an obsession. It will only help you in the short and long run.

I was talking with someone today about when they had gotten sick and missed days at work, things became a problem when them cheques stopped coming in and they needed to cut their recuperation time in order to get back to work.

It reaffirmed to me that we really cannot rely on one source of income and if our only revenue stream is reliant on us punching the clock, we are going to have problems, no matter how much you are getting paid.

It also hit me that I need to be doing more. The one thing I love about blogging and podcasting is that I can do it at any time and I don’t need the help of anybody else to do it.

I had actually started a Podcast in 2018 called “The Droidcast”, and that was all about smartphones. I had bought my Yeti mic, learned the basics of Audacity, and I was off to the races. I stopped because…Life lol. But these days you will also notice that my smartphone content has taken a bit of a hit but I have been laser-focused on digital entrepreneurship. So I think building my podcast around that will be more fulfilling for me and allow me to be consistent.

Now podcasting can be extremely easy to start. You can literally start with your phone and a headset. Or you can invest in a good condenser mic like this Yeti and get cleaner audio to start. The key to podcasting is to have good clean audio. So while you can start with a phone and headset, don’t be afraid to upgrade your mic for better audio quality.

So…my podcast will definitely be about Digital Entrepreneurship and focus from a Caribbean standpoint. Now, because I will talk about the tools used, this can be used anywhere in the world. The reason I focus on the Caribbean is because we have our own unique challenges and we just don’t have enough creators in this space in our region.

As for a name…I have 2 in mind and I will have a poll at the end of the blog. I am going to pick between “The Digital Age With Keron Rose” or “The Digi-Preneur”.

I love the tools we have access to and I love having conversations about the mindset needed to survive in the Digital Age. So that name is kind of all-encompassing for me. I also had a workshop series called “The Digital Age”, that I did with Cassia a few months ago. It also a reminder to people that we are no longer in the industrial age. The mindset, the tools, the tactics that worked then will only hinder you moving forward.

The other name that I have been seeing in my dreams is ‘The Digi-Preneur.” If you guessed it, its a combination of Digital and Entrepreneur. For me, it’s a reminder that whatever I am doing to continue to think about the digital aspects of the ideas you conceptualize. Being digital allows you to be free and allows you to get started right away, without permission from anyone else.

Remember, when you are applying for a job, somebody has to validate you and your worth. When you are building your online business, you can find your tribe anywhere in the world and carve out your niche. Even if you do not want to be a full-time entrepreneur, showcasing your knowledge online to prospective employers, will have people pitching you a position in their company, rather than you applying for it.

So back to the point of this blog…I want/will start a podcast that focuses on Digital Entrepreneurship. As much as I know I will be very practical, I am also learning that I need to sprinkle in content that shifts the mindset and dare I say…Motivates lol.

Inside joke for some of the people that are close to me…I hate being called a motivational speaker and for very good reasons lol but that’s another blog entirely.

So, please…HELP ME…I have given you the 2 names and what they mean to me for this podcast. Which name resonates with you more? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to vote. It will be greatly appreciated and I will feel even better knowing that my little community played a part in getting me started on the podcasting journey.

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  1. Leannah July 27, 2019at1:24 pm

    I think Digi-Preneur sounds very unique and is original. I like it!

  2. Jenelle July 27, 2019at11:38 pm

    I like Digi-Preneur, it is a name that resonates outside the box thinking and all-encompassing at the same time.


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