The Top 20 Side Hustles To Start in the Caribbean For 2019

Say it with me now…What a time to be alive and living in the Digital Age! LOL…Now that we have got that out the way, I wanted to just take a few minutes of your time to touch on this topic. Honestly, this article was brought to you by the doom and gloom complainers I overheard while buying food today.

A trio was sitting down, while we all waited for our numbers to be called while collecting food. Usually, I have headphones in my ears but I ran out of the office to grab my food didn’t bring them. I sat there for 10 min and the trio just kept talking all about how they want to move out of the Caribbean, there are no jobs, no opportunities, salaries are not raising, the government, the government, the government…blah blah blah.

Note to self…Do not go outside without headphones! However, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them because you can clearly tell, they have not been self-educating themselves. Every day I speak with people who are busy creating multiple streams of income, right here in Trinidad and leave it to this group, they could have you convinced that there is absolutely nothing happening here.

So I challenged myself to sit down and actually think about 20 ways somebody could do as a side hustle, right here in Trinidad & Tobago and by extension the Caribbean, and if I hit 20, I would turn this into a blog post. So here it is. Here are 20 side hustles you could start while maintaining a full-time job, right here in the Caribbean.

20 Side Hustles To Start Today

  1. Blogging
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Web Development
  4. Create Online Courses
  5. Podcasting
  6. Writing E-books
  7. Instagram Marketing
  8. Online Coaching
  9. Reselling Products
  10. Consulting
  11. Affiliate Marketing
  12. Virtual Assistant
  13. Remote Tutor
  14. Social Media Manager
  15. Landing Page Specialist
  16. Travel Consultant/Concierge
  17. Drive for TTRS/Travee/Drop Taxi (Ride Share)
  18. Fiverr/Upwork Gigs
  19. Digital Agency
  20. Virtual Lawyer

So there we go, 20 amazing and booming side hustles to make some really good money, whilst maintaining your full-time job or you can potentially turn these into a lucrative business for yourself. The choice is yours.

I am hoping this list can find it’s way into the group I overheard today and thank them for inspiring today’s article and possibly inspiring them to look into picking up one of these skills and earn that money, they think doesn’t exist here in sweet sweet T&T.


  1. Claudia Lynette White June 11, 2019at10:31 pm

    The global demand for legal transcribing is exploding. The beauty is that you do not need a degree or even to have typing qualifications. There are tons of free typing tutorials and speed drills that you can do before you sign up for their tests. There are agencies now that are willing to take you on a trial and pay you if your first job is good and then keep you and give you all the instructions and format templates to complete the audio files if you wish to work with them. Some agencies pay better than others so you just have to invest time in researching.

    1. Luke Blache-Fraser June 12, 2019at10:40 pm

      I did read about this recently, and yes it seems quite profitable. Plus, there is the possibility to get paid in US currency too. Definitely, something to consider.


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