You Can’t Afford To Wait for The Government!

Fun fact about me is that 99% of the times you see me in public, I usually have headphones in. I tune out a lot of that background noise when I am on the go because I am very intentional about the things I consume and try not to hear too much of the radio or peoples conversations. If there is one thing that tends to throw me off is listening to the radio in T&T or even hearing some of the conversations being had.

We really and truly keep ourselves stuck in this doom and gloom mindset. But the one thing I hate to keep hearing from people is almost anything related to the government. You can’t afford to wait for the government to provide opportunities for you.

This isn’t a blog that is about to get political, my platform will always be about pushing the boundaries of our mindset in the Caribbean and the diaspora, to become more self-reliant and take matters into their own hands.

People, the world has changed, a new age is here. It’s a digital one! The rules have changed, how we earn has changed, the career options have blown wide open and while many are losing jobs that no longer fit into this new age, guess what, there are many of new opportunities for us to explore. The #1 thing that needs to change at this point is our mindset.

The #1 thing that needs to change in order for us to begin figuring out how we can fit into the digital age, is the thought process that we need to wait on the government to provide us with all of the opportunities, in order for us to succeed.

Many of you talk about wanting to leave the Caribbean and move into a first world country and believe that everything will fall into place. Understand that your shortcomings will be exposed the minute you move and try to get into the workplace.

When you start to learn the skills that are needed in the digital age and begin learning them, you will soon realize you can live anywhere and not rely on any 1 country to earn your keep. You can then begin to choose where you live, not because that’s where the jobs are but for many other reasons.

I choose to currently reside in Trinidad & Tobago because I have wanted to be around my family and the opportunities are growing. I have been looking into what I need to live in Jamaica because there is a lot happening in the tech space that I want to be around and IT’s JAMAICA!!! Lol…I’ve grown up mainly around Jamaican’s, love the food and I love the beauty of the island. I want to live that modern Caribbean lifestyle but again, that’s by choice and the more I continue to hone in on my skills, I can live anywhere and thrive.

The reason over the last few months, I’ve started to create a lot of content around tech & entrepreneurship is that, I want people to become exposed to the new skills, the new career paths and the new way of living but also show everyone, where you can learn these skills. Just by talking about what is possible, people can now start to Google and take things a step further.

“…Learn a new skill, create a new niche and connect with anybody across the world.”

Keron Rose

Do not wait and think that the government is going to grant you the opportunities you seek. It might have been the case 20 years or more ago but today, you can take pride in knowing that you have access to unlimited information to learn a new skill, create a new niche and connect with anybody across the world.

I was listening to a presentation from a gent by the name of Nigel Sammy this past week and the one thing that stood out for me was his story. Growing up in Central Trinidad, not going to any prestigious schools, not being one of the smartest guys in the room but he learned technical skills online, networked online and took chances when they were presented to him and he has been able to build himself as a data specialist, from a country that doesn’t promote data and during time period where if he told anybody what he wanted to do, they would have told him he was crazy (which they did).

If he had waited for T&T to embrace big data or promote what he would have needed to succeed, we would have never heard of poor Nigel because he would still be waiting. Even though he still lives in T&T, he is in and out working on different projects around the globe.

I just felt like it needed to be said. It’s Emancipation Day here in Trinidad & Tobago and we need to continue to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, as Bob Marley would say.

We can no longer afford to wait for the governments to pave the way for us and hand you that precious opportunity you so desire. But the great news is, you no longer have too.

Many of you are waiting for someone to give you permission to be great when the only person you need permission from is yourself.

You are one Google search away from changing your life. Google something that interests you, see how people are making money and begin going down the rabbit hole.

Let me know in the comments below, what skill or interest of yours have you Googled today?


  1. Beverley August 7, 2019at1:48 pm

    I love Google.i think I use this every day to look up plants, pyrography and DIYs

  2. Adrian Alan Bullock October 20, 2019at6:55 pm

    I would love to do computer programming and video game development, graphic design and find ways and create eco-friendly industries where we recycle our wastes instead of consuming it.


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