Building The Team

I always get asked, “How did you go about building your team?” The truth is there is no exact science to this. I believe depending on your outcome, will dictate how you go about building your team.

If you have a business and are looking to expand, you will probably have positions that you need to fill and will go about your search based on what roles you need to fill.

However, my team formed in a completely different way and it’s the way I want to talk about it in this little random thought.

This week, my team linked up a few times to do some photo shoots and video’s, both for paying clients & for our own personal content needs. We invited a few people for some free shoots and they got a glimpse of my crazy ass group.

It’s always fun when we are together and to see outsiders having a blast when they are amongst us, reminded me of how infectious our energy can be & it translated into the pictures/videos that we took.

So how did this band of misfits get together you ask?

“Alignment, self-awareness, timing and persistent action towards your purpose will have the universe giving you the people & resources to make an impact on the world.”

Keron Rose

As I have been growing and putting out good work, It has put me in contact with some great people. I first met my boy Devon Scott just by finding his Youtube channel & being absolutely blown away with the quality of his work. I first reached out to him to join in on my very first project with Huawei and do all the video production for the series. We have been working on everything together since Dec 2017 and he is now like my little brother.

I met Edward Charles through Devon, they were good friends for some years. 2018 was both rough but full of lessons. We bonded over reading and mentally getting stronger together. He has become almost my book buddy lol. So it’s no secret that whenever we link up and he captures me in my images, I am alwayssssss satisfied.

Josh Brizan…I don’t remember exactly how we met, but I know we connected at an event and he was cool with Devon & Edward. We both share a mutual respect for each others work, plus we consume a lot of the same content, so it is great to go back & forth on our views on certain topics.

Tarique Eastman, is another one of the baddest photographers in the game and I met him when I put together a video to test out the new Samsung S9 and in working with him & speaking with him, I knew this was another great person to be around.

Collectively, everybody has been grinding for years, working on their own skills, we feed off of each other and help each other get better. I don’t have a photographers bone in my body but I know the guys look up to me because I am always willing to help them in any way I can and I do my best to lead the group from the front.

This group came together because of alignment, self awareness, appreciation for others and the willingness to help one another. We have no ego, just sheer appreciation for what the other can do. As I sit here writing this, 2 of them are beside each other helping each other edit.

We understand that in order for us to grow as individuals and as a group, we need everybody learning and growing together. A finger is extremely fragile but the 5 fingers making up that closed fist can do some real damage lol.

Most teams do not work because they were not built from alignment and purpose. They were built with a goal to make money, then trying to manage personalities to stay on task becomes a chore that takes some of the most skilled leaders to navigate those waters.

As the leader of my group, they all came appeared in my life because of my my alignment, self awareness & showing them a bigger vision that we could work towards. Everything flows.

If you want to build your team, start looking at yourself, start reflecting and working on your purpose. Work on yourself, find a problem that you want to solve. Lead from the front and begin putting yourself out there.

When you start putting yourself out there, when you start showing the universe that you are a resourceful person, resources will begin to open up to you. They may come in the form of people, tools, money, but they come.

If people come into your life that can help you achieve a bigger goal, nurture those relationships. You may even become friends or better yet, family.

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