Creating Your Niche

Most people tend to look at their particular industry across the globe and start thinking that they cannot break into, for a wide variety of reasons. We are living in the digital age, this is the greatest era for entrepreneurs and creating your niche.

There has never been a better time for a small business, even a solopreneur, to do exactly what they want and also make a global impact. The reason I believe it is so hard for people to break into their niche, is because they are so focused on breaking into established niches that they do not realize they can create their own lane.

“Creating your niche requires a lot of self reflection and the confidence to dig deep and put yourself out there. You can create your own tribe and turn them into loyal customers…But you need to figure out who you are to start.”

Keron Rose

Think about this for a second, your greatest asset to building your brand and creating your niche in the digital age is you. The best part about this is that, because of technology, you can connect with people who are ideally in your tribe across the globe.

When people think about starting a business, they have a habit of looking to see what’s already out there and trying to mimick it. There is nothing wrong with jumping into an established industry, but you need to be thinking about what can you add to the industry? How can you do it differently? What are your opinions on the industry?

I am in the tech space, I do not make any of the smartphones that I sell or blog about, I am not a developer that makes any of the apps, but my angle has always been that of a technology interpreter.

I do my best to learn about all the mobile tech & apps and teach people how they can use it in their personal lives or business. What makes me different is that, I focus on the Caribbean consumers and I put my personal views out in the open to generate conversations.

You need to reflect on yourself, think about your opinions and what makes you unique and then put your spin on the industry.

So if you do meal preps, maybe you realized that you are a mother with kids, a full-time job, you enjoy working out but meal prepping was way to time-consuming. So you decided to start researching healthy meals that would take less than 30 min make, but you also wanted to focus on Caribbean centric meals.

When starting your meal prep business, you can talk about the Why you started it and you would have a great story about not having time because of the kids, work, etc. You would have identified an audience you are speaking too (mothers who are health conscious and looking to make healthy Caribbean food in limited time).

So you start off with a simple blog, introducing yourself, your problem and how you intend to solve it. You start creating content, talking about recipes you have created or even sharing other recipes you have found. As your original receipes grow, you could turn it into an eBook or Online Course. You could create a Youtube channel or even a podcast.

Before you know it, if you were consistently putting out content and starting conversations. You now created a niche for Mothers looking for Quick Healthy Caribbean Food Options and opportunities start flowing for you.

The goal when creating your niche is to really think about who you are, what problems you face and offering solutions for the market. If it is something you are passionate about, your audience will feel it throughout all of your content that you put forth.

You need to also engage in similar groups online and really engage. We can all learn something from another & we can share our knowledge with people all across the globe. Chances are, there may be more people looking to make healthy Caribbean cuisine outside of the Caribbean than in it.

Also…Please, I beg you please. If you are interested in a niche and you follow others in it. Do not think that you cannot do it, if there are to many people in the space. Half the time, we are following people who are not even in our market and not trying to service our market. So do not let others stop you from creating your niche.

The best part it, is you do not even have to be an expert in your niche to start. You can start building your brand and document the process you are going through to becoming an expert. There are so many people who are ecstatic to learn WITH someone starting from zero.

So for todays Exercise on creating your own niche, here are a few tips:

  • Do some real soul searching and reflection to figure out what you are passionate about or problems that you have day to day and have an interest in solving.
  • Think about how you can put your own spin on the industry.
  • Start on a medium that you are comfortable with (blog, audio, video).
  • Let your thoughts & opinions be known. People will either love your ides or disagree, but most importantly, focus on starting conversations and building a community around your ideas.
  • Find people or groups on social media in your industry and engage in them, so when you are creating your content, people are more likely to engage with your content.

If you ever need to run an idea by me or just feel like shooting the breeze, hit me up. The only way we win, is collectively.


  1. Rhonda Maria Glynn February 8, 2019at12:32 pm

    I saw a link for this article on a business group that I currently follow. This blog and your thoughts on creating your niche is EXACTLY what many entrepreneurs need to hear.

    As a business consultant/business coach who has a passion for small business owners I often feel like the proverbial voice in the wilderness. I immediately signed on to your blog and will be reading all your back issues. Again, THANKS FOR THIS – maybe we can collaborate in the near future.

  2. Avion Anderson April 7, 2019at1:38 am

    Everyone do indeed need a niche and should be able to specialize in one niche, make it work, especially bloggers now starting out. Why I say that is because, I am a Freelance Natural Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger and Copywriter working with natural beauty and lifestyle brands. I have seen a lot bloggers jump into and want to cover every and all niches beauty, fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, etc and found themselves in a jam. I do believe that once a person is aspiring or startup or small business owner should at least start off with one niche.


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