Are you solving a problem or chasing the money?

Are you solving a problem or are you just chasing the money? This is a question that I constantly ask my myself with any opportunity I am looking to create, or that is offered to me.

As I am constantly looking to keep myself sharp and push my own boundaries, these questions have helped me produce good results for myself and my team. People reach out to me a lot and start asking questions about what they can do to improve their business.

Now, I am not a business coach, nor do I promote myself as an expert in business development or marketing. I am simply simply someone who is figuring themselves out and trying new things out.

This is my first real push into the world of entrepreneurship. So when people reach out, it’s mainly because they want to know what my “secret formula” is to building my business and attracting the right opportunities.

So I ask everybody two questions when they reach out to me:

  1. What problem are you solving?
  2. What is your why behind your business?

Again, I am no business coach but in 2019, these are two of the most important questions I believe you have to ask yourself and they determine whether or not you will find success.

You see, business at it’s core is all about solving problems. The bigger the problem you solve for a smaller group of people, is the more sought after you will be in your niche, and also the more money you can make.

When you couple this with your WHY, you have a powerful story to begin building your business & personal brand.

Here is an example. When I moved to Trinidad and I started going around to Digicel/Bmobile stores to check out the tech available. I realized there was a major problem, the reps sucked. I would hear the most amount of made up information, the service was terrible, and the device offerings were mainly Samsung, Apple & Blu.

We are in a time period where your mobile device is one of the most important investments any of us can make, given what the devices can do. Sales reps giving us wrong information or not properly educating us is also insane given the importance of mobile technology. I remind you that Apple became America’s first Trillion dollar company. Mobile is booming!

I started Droid Island because I wanted to provide reliable information and teach the Caribbean audience on mobile technology. I also wanted to sell & expose the Caribbean on all of the other major brands out there, so they could get some of the best tech available on the market.

This approach allowed me to be the first person and still the only in some cases to sell some of the top brands in the globe…But this has also created all of the opportunities for me because nobody has taken mobile education to the level that I am doing it.

I have since worked with Bmobile, Huawei, Samsung, Digicel, CNC3, CNMG and been featured on a ton of platforms. Blogging has put me in the room with CEO’s & VP’s of some of the biggest companies in the Caribbean and them trying to figure out just how I can work with them.

I solve a major problem, I educate my audience on mobile technology and my why is because I am passionate about technology and I wanted to solve a huge need with respect to the lack of knowledge in the Caribbean.

“Solving a problem and having a why, are the most powerful core principles at the heart of a great brand.”

Keron Rose

Over the next month when I can officially talk about the offers currently on my plate, you will see why solving a problem and having a why are the most powerful core principles at the heart of a great brand.

So if you feel like you are struggling with your business in 2019 or if you are looking to walk the path of entrepreneurship and want a starting point. Ask yourself these two questions.

What problem can you solve? or What problem am I currently solving? (for those who already started). Why do I want to solve this problem?

Most people I can tell you right off the bat are not solving any meaningful problems, or problems that people care about. Then when you ask them their why, they don’t have one. You can also always tell who is here to chase the money and not actually in business to be of service.

Your exercise for today is to ask yourself these two questions:

  • What problem can I solve or What problem does my current business solve?
  • Why do I want to solve this problem?

I hope 2019 is your year of yes and the best one to date.

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