I Don’t Know What To Post: 5 Tips To Defeat This Problem

For most people starting out on this journey of building their businesses online or building their online presence for their business, this seems to be one of the most daunting feelings that run through their mind, “I don’t know what to post.”

I mean, I see both sides to this. On one hand, I can completely understand, most people are just stuck in their own head, wondering if it’s going to be well received, there are many other people out there saying better things, or they just don’t know how to actually go about creating engaging content or which topics to tack first…I completelyyyyy get it.

On the other hand, I hear some people online talking about not knowing what to post and I am here thinking, how do you not know what to post? You are the expert in the niche, you must have observed your market and see a million things that you want to bring to the attention of your audience. Your audience has a million problems, in any niche and they are always on the lookout for someone who has a million solutions for their problems.

I get asked quite a bit if I ever run out of topics to talk about and people are always surprised by my answer. Hell NO! lol…really people? There is ALWAYSSS something to talk about and educate your audience on. You simply need to continuously look at your niche, your market and other experts in your space. With the help of a few amazing tools as well, you will be drowning in topics to create blogs, videos, audio clips, IG/FB graphics or infographics on. So here are a few things that I do to feed my content machine.

By the, I create content for Keronrose.com and social media pages, Droid Island’s brand and I manage a couple of social media pages, plus I am also a contributor for Loop. All of the content I create is original content as well, so let me give you a few tips.

  • Use keyword tools
  • Analyse social media pages of competitors
  • Follow other experts in your niche
  • Follow the credible news sources for your niche
  • Important topics that nobody is talking about

Use Keyword Tools

I use quite a few keyword tools to see just what my audience is searching for. There are many people who may not know the question they want to ask, so they search a variety of things on Google to find out what they want and eventually get to the information they want, registering some valuable keywords in the process. Some other great tools are buzzsumo, kwfinder, Google Trends, and one of my new favourite tool, keywords everywhere.

The goal with these tools is to constantly see what your audience is searching for online with respect to the keywords you enter. You will be surprised with some of the related searches you find and then you are now able to create content around the keyword. This is amazing for SEO for your website and your audience will always feel like you are a step ahead.

Analyse Your Competitors Social Media Pages

This is one of the best ways to get traction coming to your pages. When you have competitors who are putting out content and have more traction than you, it’s great to create content on the same topics and give your spin on the topic at hand. With tools like Ubersuggest, Buzzsumo, Similarweb, etc, you can actually see what are the top performing posts on your competitor’s websites and also what keywords they are ranking for online. This is always a fun way to hijack the traffic.

Follow Other Experts In Your Niche

If the experts in your field are talking about a particular topic, chances are it’s important. You should offer your take on the topic as well. An audience is always looking for more than one authority and various viewpoints. Never be put off if someone else has spoken about a topic before you.

Follow Credible News Sources In Your Niche

Paying attention to the news sources in your niche will give you endless amounts of content to talk about. The news tends to report on the facts and keeps out their personal opinions and thoughts. However, when creating content for your brand, the audience wants your opinion. They want to know what your thoughts are and this is a great way to create discussions. Whether the audience agrees or disagrees, all of this is good for engagement and creating a conversation around a topic.

Think Of Topics Nobody Is Talking About

As an expert in your space, you should be able to come up with topics or ask the questions you feel are pertinent that you do not see anybody talking about. I usually have my Google Keep app handy as a widget on my device, that way whenever a thought comes to mind, I write it down. There are always things that nobody in your audience is talking about but you know it is important. Keep looking for these ideas because the audience doesn’t know, what they don’t know and will be looking to you, to keep them moving forward.

If you are practising these 5 tips daily, it is IMPOSSIBLE to never know what to talk about. You will be bombarded with topics to create content around. The question you will have is “what is the best way to create this content?”

Will it be a blog, a video, a graphic, an IG story and this is where the creativity has to start running wild. I am not a creative person when it comes to aesthetics but there are so many tools out there for free and paid, that allow me to create visually appealing content, that gets my message across.

Blogging will always be my favourite medium because I can collect my thoughts, I can do it any point in time and it comes easy for me. Hopefully, this blog sheds some let on how to defeat that age-old problem of not knowing what to post.

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