The Digital Age Show And Why It Was Started!

Honestly, I have to say that life is funny and full of surprises. It’s hard to plan when every action you do, creates new opportunities that you have never seen coming. If you asked me months ago, was starting an online show in the plans? I would have said no. Yet here we are and I think before I start rolling out more details about the show, this is a perfect time to give you some back story on the Digital Age Show and why it was started.

Well, as all backstories start…it was a dark and stormy night lol…Just Kidding.

Since 2017, people have contacted me and wanted to get information on how I went about building certain aspects of Droid Island. They liked my website and when they learned that I built it, it would lead to a series of questions pertaining to if I could teach them or build it for them.

I have always declined because my goal was never to teach about Entrepreneurship or building the components of your online business. My sole focus was making Droid Island a household name amongst the Caribbean Tech community.

Fast forward to 2019, those conversations became more and more frequent, the more Droid Island got bigger. One thing I realized was that there was just no real place that was creating those conversations about online business and how to get started. In Canada, it was pretty common to see your local college offering free courses in getting started with a website. You could easily walk into your nearest tech store and speak to a specialist who could get you started shooting Youtube videos or recording podcasts.

Here in the Caribbean, we are challenged with getting credible and tangible information. I realized very quickly when I moved here, information was just never readily available. When you speak to 2 representatives in the same company, you are always going to get different information.

I got pretty good at networking on Linkedin and seeking out people that could help me get the right information so that I could properly build my own business. It was in all of these conversations that I kept questioning why none of the information I was gathering was public knowledge. Why isn’t this stuff plastered all over your website, where are the educational content? Why do businesses think ads are content?

I started my personal page at the end of 2018, as an outlet to document my journey of entrepreneurship from the perspective of someone who just moved from Canada and was navigating the waters. It quickly turned into me using it as a place to put out much of the information I learned to build my business. I never suspected that in 2020, would become a platform for Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

What started to happen in 2020 is that companies started reaching out for me to check out their products, services, send press releases, give me behind the scenes tours. The reason this kept happening was that companies believed in my abilities to take the complex solutions in our respective niche of Online Business in the Caribbean and simplify it for the audience.

With Covid happening, this presented me the chance to start doing something that I wanted to do for a while but just never got around to doing it…Webinars.

After putting out over 15 hours of webinars in the month of April, companies started reaching out asking how they could get on my show…Lol, it’s funny to me because I was just experimenting and trying to learn the broadcasting software to produce better lives so that I could add a new element to my content.

But being asked when they could come on my show…struck a chord.

It struck a cord…Everybody is looking for solutions in order to become Full-time or Part-Time entrepreneurs and one of the best ways to do this is through building an online business. The barrier to getting started has never been this low.

It’s not expensive, it doesn’t need to be highly technical but you need to understand what are the tools and services available to us.

If I can create a space where entrepreneurs and business owners can get first-hand access to solutions and also learn about the various aspects of creating in the Digital Age through those who are successfully doing it, I think everybody can win.

For me, we have tons of theoretical content. I have always learned by seeing things in action, talking to the people who are currently doing something that I am looking to do as well but seeking practical and actionable information.

Nothing inspires me more than getting some actionable information, putting it to use and getting results.

Which brings us to the Digital Age Show. This show isn’t going to be about bringing on guests to discuss their history and come up. We aren’t going to be theorizing about what needs to happen and what we wish to see in the future…There is a time and place for that content…The Digital Age will not be the place.

The Digital Age is going to be focused on tangible info. The people that are brought onto the show have been doing what they are doing at a high level and will be walking us through key aspects of their area of expertise, to help us get started, avoid pitfalls and help move us ahead.

The companies that come onto the show will be showing us product demonstrations and breaking down their tools and services so that we can have a full understanding of how to use their solutions in our businesses, so we can all get ahead.

In putting together Season 1, crafting the topics and finding the experts who can guide the conversations, I got giddy. So much of the content sketched out, is information I wish I had gotten when I first started out.

The world of Online Business changes every single day. 1 decision from 1 company, can completely change an entire process for a business for better or worst.

With so many things changing due to Covid, with everybody forced to pivot and companies forced to innovate, we are presented with some unique opportunities. Caribbean countries for the first time ever are now forced to start thinking Digital.

Now is the time for all entrepreneurs to begin understanding how to manoeuvre in the Digital Age.

This show will provide the information needed to get you started. I know after listening to each episode, you are going to get missing pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to turn your situation around.

I know that this platform will grow into the place where Caribbean Entrepreneurs come to find those elusive pieces of information that we can’t seem to get elsewhere.

There is nothing more inspiring than finally getting that missing piece to allow you to move to the next stage of your journey or give you a fresh perspective to keep going.

The Digital Age Show is coming in June…The details will soon start coming out. Until then, check out DigitalAge.Show and register to keep up to date on all details.

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