FCB Discontinues Prepaid Mastercard

Well, folks, it seems like we are losing resources by the day. FCB discontinued their Prepaid Mastercard effective April 23rd, 2020.

This is huge news especially for those entrepreneurs who have relied on this card to make all of their online purchases. The prepaid Mastercard allowed for us to use $1000usd/per day and that has been the go-to card as it allowed us to have the most access to USD.

If you currently have a card, it will expire on the date listed on your card.

We currently no longer have any prepaid credit card options available to the public. This means if you want to shop online internationally, you are going to have to either get yourself a real credit card or you will at least be able to use the JMMB Visa Debit card. However, the JMMB card is limited to $500usd per month.

Here is the full notice from FCB on the discontinuation of the prepaid mastercard:

FCB Prepaid Mastercard

If there is any news on new prepaid credit cards that come out, that will allow for access to USD, to shop online, I will let you know.

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  1. SHANE WALLACE May 20, 2020at11:58 pm

    It seems like these cards arent making these institutions that jave them a good enough profit thats the only reason i can think of will make an institution stop such an essential service or i guess everyone i s scared of Wipay coming out with their virtual mastercard and are decided to release their own virtual card as well


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