What’s The Digipreneur Academy About?

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? But what is the Digipreneur Academy about anyway?

First, let me give you a little background story.

When I started out building my business in 2016, I had no money to hire anybody. The thought of building a website, making content, creating graphics, selling products…all of those things hurt my head because all I could think about was the price tags attached with hiring people to help me do all of these things.

My mental block when it came to creating websites stemmed from having dropped out of my college program because of the mandatory course of web design lol. Back then, we were using Dreamweaver and had to code the websites. I wanted NO parts of it!

Fast forward to 2016, I learned really early from my ex who was into marketing and branding that in order for you to build a successful brand or have your voice heard, you need to have your own platforms. While social media is cool, you need to play by their rules and it’s a pay to play game.

However, if you build your own platform, your brand will easily become to go to source in your niche. I took that to heart and began researching like a madman about WordPress and how SEO works.

Since 2016, i’ve built quite a few websites and have become the go to source for Caribbean smartphone technology and online business within our region.

That is due to the skills I have learned along the way and also understanding the context of the Caribbean region but more specifically, Trinidad & Tobago.

The Digipreneur Academy is going to be a platform where I teach Caribbean Entrepreneurs how to build their Digital Assets.

You will learn how to build your Websites, blogging, ecommerce and integrating the available payment options, content marketing, SEO, email marketing and more.

One of the things that has really peaked my interest after a couple conversations over these past few days has been for me to shift my perspective of what the Academy could be.

I have had a few ppl reach out to me about contributing courses on the platform and the more I think about it, the idea has grown on me.

So I am currently speaking to a few people that I really respect in their niches about creating courses for the platform.

So in the very near future, you are going to see some very cool people have courses that will be available on the Academy platform. Details on that will come over the next couple weeks.

With Covid here and not going anywhere anytime soon, it is imperative that we start focusing on building our digital assets to sustain our businesses and with those assets comes data. The data that we get from our assets is what is really going to help us navigate our businesses moving forward.

There is not much data that you get from social media that can really guide you from a business perspective.

So here is the real question…Who is the Academy For?

The Academy is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Caribbean based businesses
  • Content Creators
  • Bloggers/Video Creators/Podcasters/Musicians
  • Those looking to build on social media

Many of the skills and lessons being taught will be transferrable amongst a variety of niches because let’s be real, everybody needs to know how search engines work and how to create content on their own platforms.

We all need to know how ecommerce works and how to get paid online within our region.

Even if you are outside of the Caribbean, the content is still relevant and I will let everybody know during the content, what pieces of info are specific to our markets here in the Caribbean.

If you want to keep up to date with all information on the Academy, subscribe to our email list right here…Academy Email List.

The Academy will be launched in September but you can subscribe to the list to know the exact date.

Any questions you have, feel free to reach out to me.


  1. Cindy-Ann August 28, 2020at3:04 pm

    I await the start of the Digipreneur academy for my business growth.

  2. Michelle Fernandes July 9, 2021at5:54 pm

    Cant get to submit name for the academy email list. Please include me.

    Cant wait to be a part of this for my business growth

  3. MichaelLerge July 29, 2021at8:45 pm

    Remarkable idea and it is duly


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