10 Tips On How To Become The Face Of A Brand

If guys don’t know me by now or if this is the first time you are connecting with me, I am Mr Droid, the Owner/Founder/Mobile Expert behind the brand Droid Island. What started out as a blog in September of 2016 has now turned into a movement and has offered me the opportunities to work with some of the biggest brands in the Caribbean. One of the questions I get asked a lot is, how can someone go about becoming the face of a brand?

If you Google this question, it yields 829k results. Add the words “In the Caribbean,” and none of the the 38,200,000 results that come back give you any information in how to actually do this. The closest results talk about branding an item for export and a competition Caribbean Airlines put out to people between the ages of 18-28, that would allow them to “sell” the brand at sponsored events.

When you look around, let’s call a spade a spade, the only people getting brand deals and becoming the face of a brand typically fall into 3 categories, an Athlete/Soca Artist/Radio Host/DJ. The worst part about this is that the only thing these people can offer any brand is eyeballs on their product (the superficial stuff) but no real value to consumers.

This is the Digital Age! A time where if you are passionate about any industry, any subject, you can create content and get PAID for it!

Keron Rose

So why is it that we do not see any Brand Ambassadors who align with brands and create content that can help a brands audience? The fact that I am repeatedly told by multiple corporations that what I am doing is ground breaking in the Caribbean is a little worrying, but instead of complaining, I want to share 10 tips that can help you become the face of a brand.

It can be done! In the last year, I have been approached by a few brands to be a Content Creator & Brand Ambassador. So rest assured it can be done. Here are my 10 tips to help you become the face of a brand.

  1. Pick a niche that you are passionate about.
  2. Start & join conversations around in your niche.
  3. Solve problems for consumers consistently.
  4. Analyze the brands in your niche that you would like to work with.
  5. Use Linkedin to connect with the execs of the brands you want to work with.
  6. Build a strong brand & your platforms so that brands can actually work with you.
  7. Create loads of valuable content to showcase your expertise to brands.
  8. Contact the brands & show them how you can give them value for FREE!
  9. Establish relationships with people in your industry.
  10. Learn how to pitch to brands and most importantly close your deal.
  11. *Bonus* Put Your Face Out There.

Pick a Niche – I cannot stress how important it is to pick a niche that you are passionate about. It makes all the difference on those days when you don’t feel like creating content. At the time of this blog, it’s 3am! I couldn’t sleep and this topic was heavy on my mind due to an IG story I posted today. Since I love what I do, banging this blog out is easy for me.

Start & Join Conversations In Your Niche – In order for people in your niche to get to know you, you need to start & join conversations online. Find groups, forums, use your social media platforms to create.

Solve Problems For Consumers Consistently – One of the fastest ways to be known for something is to find a problem in your niche and create solutions for the audience. Remember, we have all attended the University of Youtube at some point to learn how to do something. The internet is full of solutions for different markets. Try solving problems for people in your niche on your side of the world.

Analyze the Brands In Your Niche – As an entrepreneur, if you can solve problems for consumers & partner with corporations, you will have an awesome mix of revenue streams and you increase your trust factor with your audience. Seek out the brands you would like to work with and figure out how you can solve their problems with your content.

Use Linkedin to Connect With The Execs – It’s 2019, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat are littered with influencers & you have to fight the ever-changing algorithms to get noticed. My hack is that you should be using Linkedin and connecting directly to the source. We have never been able to search a company, find the CEO, head of marketing, etc and connect/engage with them so that you can be put on their radar.

Build a Strong Brand – This is crucial! Get a website, share your knowledge freely & consistently. Learn how to build a strong brand so that companies can feel confident endorsing you. If you are looking for a coach to help you do this, make sure you check your coaches client list. If they haven’t helped anybody NOTABLE, then do NOT waste your money. Most of the coaches in the Caribbean are here to profit off of your ignorance and haven’t built their own brand, nor helped anybody that has been propelled to the top of their niche.

Create Valuable Content Consistently– I can’t stress this enough. You need to show up everyday for 2 years! If you are very creative, you can fast track the process but in reality, you need to build your portfolio & track record of getting results. You need to show your audience and your brand that you are here to stay & that you are committed. If you think you can write a blog today & not post for another 3 weeks and expect that to work, kindly exit stage left, this game isn’t for you.

Contact the Brands – Linkedin my friends! If you are not using that platform to connect with the execs in the brands, you are missing out. Reach out to the brands and execs, engage with them and the content they share. Hit them up in their DM’s after engaging with them after a few weeks and offer them value for FREE! The goal is to just get them seeing your content and showing them that you are willing to help them in their journey.

Establish Industry Relationships – Start looking at any and all events happening within your niche. Go there, make connections. Jump on Linkedin, figure out who you need to connect with and start nurturing those relationships. 2018, I learned the value of relationships. When you have these in place, you will always be top of mind when conversations happen and you are not in the room. Strong relationships will also foster new connections, someone always knows someone that you are trying to be connected with.

Learn How To Pitch & Close – You better start working on this. When you do everything prior to this tip then you are ready to make a pitch to a brand. You need to learn how to showcase the value you can offer the brand and get clear on what you want in return for this Mutual partnership. After going back & forth, you gotta become an excellent closer and making sure you get that brand deal you have been putting in all that work for. The deal is only closed when a contract is in front of you & you have signed off on it.

Put Your Face Out There – We are in the Digital Age, we need to connect with you. Brand names, logos, jingles, those things help but ultimately don’t matter. Brands want to invest in you! Your face, your presence, your personality, your humour, your views, you get where I am going with this. You are the brand! You need to get out in front and find the mediums you are comfortable with. Whatever the form you take whether its video, audio, or written. We need to see you! Don’t hide! Put your face out there and own your niche. Every time I have to go into a corporate meeting, speak, get on video, I tell myself this phrase EVERY single time…“This is my shit! This is what I want” & I go out and deliver value.

I started my journey as a content creator in 2016 and while I received a lot of small wins early, I was very creative with how I went about trying to solve a problem I was passionate about. I put my face out there, I put my thoughts & opinions out there and I just have not looked back.

I encourage everybody to just start offering value in their niche. I hope these 10 tips help you in your journey. Let me know in the comments if this has shed some light for you.


  1. internal brand consulting January 21, 2020at5:05 am

    A well-detailed article, thanks for sharing your own insight about this matter, nice job.

  2. Maria Olivet May 3, 2023at8:29 am

    If I’m not based in USA but I’m Europe, do I have a chance to become a face?

  3. Tarlan July 30, 2023at8:24 am

    Do I have a chance to become a face as I live in Iran?

    1. keronrose August 1, 2023at12:01 pm

      Yes you do, you can work with brands/companies in Iran and if you build your brand right, companies from other countries will reach out to you.


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