The Digital Era Changes Everything!

“There are no boundaries or borders in the digital age.”

Karim Rashid

We are living in the biggest shift of knowledge and wealth the world has ever seen and that is an understatement.

We grew up hearing that age old cliche phrase from our parents, that “you could be anything you want to be.” I could of never have seen it growing up!

On one hand, you hear it from your parents but society would quickly set you straight, that what you probably wanted to be, didn’t make money or wasn’t a viable career option.

Growing up, it seemed like everybody in your class wanted to become a doctor or lawyer because it was like the only two careers that seemed to make the most money but also gave you a sense of pride that you were the cream of the crop in society.

In the digital age, however, we have Youtubers whose revenue streams are running circles around most doctors & lawyers, and a high percentage of them are still teenagers.

The digital age has changed everything but the thinking of the average person. The average citizen is still running into the trap of formal education and trying to enter into oversaturated fields like medicine & law.

Even those fields have been affected by the digital age as the smart people in those fields are learning how to leverage the digital platforms to bring awareness to their fields & building their brands to further build their practices.

We haven’t scratched the surface of the impact the digital age has brought us to date and what it will allow us to do when more people begin to realize the power they have.

When you think of some the things people are now doing on their own to build multi-million dollar businesses/brands and in the comfort of their own home, you would be amazed.

  • We have people earning 8 figures/year (USD) recording stunts & trick shot videos on Youtube.
  • Parents are always telling kids to stop playing so many games, but there are teens earning millions playing games on Twitch.
  • Could you imagine making 94k(USD)/month as a beauty vlogger? Welcome to the world of Mylifeaseva, the popular Youtuber cashing in that every month.
  • The highest paid Youtuber from 2018 hasn’t even reached the age of 10. That title belongs to a 7-year old, humbly known to the world as Ryans Toy Reviews. He netted 22 million (usd) in 2018.
  • The AVERAGEĀ course creator on the popular platform “Teachable”, earns $5426(USD)/month. You have people creating courses on literally everything! 2 of the highest grossing courses that come off as shocking are “Finding Copper Deficiency In Goats” & “Advanced Blacksmithing”. I can’t make this stuff up.

The point being made is that there is an opportunity for us everywhere, we simply need to be open to learning how to leverage all of these digital platforms that are available.

In the Caribbean, people still do not even know that we can monetize our Youtube channels and make money as a content creator. We can literally get paid for talking about anything we are passionate about.

The digital era can change the course of many citizens of the Caribbean, as we have so much to offer & so much we can showcase or teach the world.

I encourage everybody, even if it starts off as a passion product! Start thinking about the things you enjoy doing, things that you would do for free because you love it so much…I can guarantee you that there is a way to share that passion with the world and because of the numerous digital systems in place, there is a way for you to monetize this passion or solve a problem for others across the world, right from the comforts of your island in the Caribbean.

My goal is to plant seeds in the minds of our Caribbean brothers & sisters, pushing these discussions to show people what is possible. My hope is that it will allow people to start their journey down the rabbit hole and start taking advantage of what we have on the market.

I learned how to first build WordPress websites in 2017 and it took me over a month to build my first site, Droid Island.

Fast forward a year later and it took me 2 days, to get this website up the way I liked it and now I am here blogging at 4am. Blogging has afforded me all of my opportunities, from building Droid Island to one of the leading outlets for news on the Mobile Phone industry & now the Keron Rose brand is all about Entrepreneurship, Tech, Education and documenting my process.

Let’s continue pushing forward together and focus on leveraging the tools available to become more self reliant and become participants in the global economy. The Digital Age is changing everything, this is a wave you cannot afford to miss.

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