5 Systems Mompreneurs Need Now

Covid has changed life as we know it and the sooner we can begin creating what our new normal is, the better for us. If there is one segment of the business community I know that has probably had the hardest time in making the transition, it’s all the Mompreneurs out there. Now more than ever, Mompreneurs need to start revualiting the systems in their business in order to alleviate alot of their stress.

Let’s put this into perspective. The Mompreneurs use to have their respective times to get their work done and liase with clients when the kids were at school or daycare, hubby was gone to work, they had that time to themselves to focus.

Now, that time is gone. The kids are home, hubby may still be going out to work which leaves the kids in your care. That time you spent working in your business, is now dedicated to online schooling and making sure the house doesn’t burn down whilst you try to type out that first sentence for your blog.

It’s always funny when I am dealing with my Mompreneurs on a video call, we are deep in session and there comes Junior with his request for Netflix tech support because he can’t get Paw Patrol to work lol.

I would love to tell you that we only have a few more months before they go back out to school but that it’s not looking like that.

So what can you start doing now to wrangle back some form of control in your life?

The answer is going to take a bit of a learning curve and possibly a shift in your business but if you lean into it, you may end up in a much better place than before Covid started.

My answer for you is to start building your systems and also to start looking at digitizing as much of your offerings as possible.

The family is taking away much of your time now…time that you use to carve out for the business. So let’s look at a few systems that you can implement to start gaining back your time and still allow you to serve your communities at a high level.

5 Systems To Implement

  1. Digital Products
  2. Scheduling Tool
  3. Hiring a VA
  4. Chatbots
  5. Outsourcing Laundry

Digital Products – This is a big one, especially if you are running a consulting business that requires you to meet with clients 1 on 1. This has been one of the biggest struggles that I have seen because your entire schedule has changed. Finding time to cater to clients when you are busy mommying is getting harder and for some it’s been impossible.

Beginning to create digital products will allow you to cut down on the need for 1 on 1 time with clients. So whether that product is ebooks, downloadable videos or building an online school, this will allow you to point more clients to a product that can help them but also give you back much needed time.

Scheduling Tools – This is something that I have been getting a lot of questions about. What are some tools that will take away the hassle of going back and forth with clients with scheduling?

I currently am a big fan of Acuity as I think they have thought about things in regards to scheduling that I would have never come up with. You can create different types of appointments and set a limit for how many of the specific appointments you do per day or per week. You can set buffer times before and after appointments.

It integrates with your favourite calendar app and will only allow clients to book slots that don’t clash with whatever you put into your calendar. It integrates with Zoom to automatically create zoom links and send clients reminders of their sessions. It has a ton of integrations that just make it a lifesaver.

You can also check out Hubspot, Calendly, Setmore, SimplyBook.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant – If there was ever a time or a group of people that needed a VA…it’s the Mommy’s and they needed them like yesterday. Get a VA working for you and start to outsource some of the tasks that take up alot of your time.

A few key tasks a VA can handle for you are things like sending emails, managing your inboxes (email & social media), creating content, bookkeeping, answering business calls, paying bills and the list goes on with what they can do. Definitely start Googling about VA’s and grab one.

Chatbots – Chatbots are a great way to cut down on time spent answering all those questions on social media. You can build out a variety of chatflows that will all your clients to get the information they need without speaking to you.

When you can cut down on missing DM’s or responding late, that can also get you sales that you may have otherwise missed. It also allows you to respond to the more meaningful queries that potential clients may have and leave the quick questions to a Chatbot.

Outsourcing Laundry – This tip was so good that I started doing it. The amount of time spent doing laundry is nuts. Between the washing, folding and packing away…this is definitely a service you can start to outsource.

If you are here in Trinidad, I started using a company I found on IG called True Dry Cleaning. You book a time, they collect your laundry and they come back in 2 days with it washed, folded and packed away in an Eco Friendly bag. They charge by the weight and take payment by cards when they come to deliver.

I personally was dreading having to wash all of my sheets, towels, comforter…ughhh…lol. So I tried them out and needless to say I don’t think ill be doing laundry anytime soon. It just saved so much time, the cost was extremely reasonable and that allowed me to do other things. This is something that I am sure my Mompreneurs can implement and get back some much needed time.

The goal is to get back as much of your time as possible.

Kids won’t be going back to school or daycares anytime soon, which means you won’t be going back to your normal way of conducting your businesses anytime soon.

So if you can start to implement systems, create more digital products and automate things within your business that took time, now is the time to start making that shift.

If you would like to start implementing systems into your business but don’t know where to start, feel free to book a free discovery call with me and let’s start getting you on the right track.

To all my Mompreneurs out there…You got this!

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