The Digital Age – Online Biz Forum

Guess what folks…Next week is Global Entrepreneurship Week and I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I didn’t do something for it.

So here’s the deal…I’m teaming up with my sister in biz Cassia Marina and we are hosting a forum to talk all things Online Business.

From getting paid online, digital products, email marketing, etc…its an open forum for you to come with your questions and concerns and get some guidance from us.

This event is FREE! You simply need to register and make sure you come with at least 5 of your most burning questions written down so that we can have a fun-filled discussion with you guys.

This is your chance to pick our brains and for us to help you get on track to start 2020 off the right way.

Register for the event at:

The Digital Age – Online Biz Forum

We hope to see you there…the spots are limited, so make sure to register quickly.

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