A Few Sites To Create Graphics

As a fellow content creator who has absolutely zero graphic design skills, I know the struggle of trying to create visually appealing content. I say this all the time, anybody who is a graphic designer by trade…I hate you lol. You guys are able to just make everything visually appealing and it helps with consuming the content. For those who are artistically challenged like me, here are a few sites to create graphics. 36 websites to be exact lol.

You Ready? Here we go:

  1. Canva
  2. Snappa
  3. DesignBold
  4. Fotor
  5. Piktochart (Infographics, Presentations, Flyers)
  6. PicMonkey
  7. Pablo By Buffer
  8. Adobe Indesign
  9. Gimp
  10. Easil
  11. Crello
  12. Adobe Spark (Great for creating short videos)
  13. Visme (Presentations & Infographics)
  14. Google Charts (Graphical Charts)
  15. Venngage (Infographics)
  16. Animaker (Animation video maker)
  17. Photoshop Express (Image editing & collage making)
  18. BeFunky (Photo editor)
  19. Word Swag (Add cool text to photos)
  20. Pixlr (Photo editor)
  21. Beam (Chart Maker)
  22. Placeit
  23. Infogram (Infographics, reports, maps)
  24. Desynger
  25. Gravit (Vector Graphic Designer)
  26. FotoJet
  27. Assembly (Icon, Logo, Scene creation)
  28. Easel.ly (Engaging Infographics)
  29. Over
  30. Legend (Animated text in video)
  31. Youzign
  32. Typic
  33. RelayThat (Great for resizing images to different platforms)
  34. Polarr (Photo editor)
  35. Photofy
  36. Stencil

Whew….*Wipes the sweat off forehead*…36 apps to check out. This is definitely going to be a learning experience for me. During my research to find applications that I can start using to change up my content and keep it visually appealing, I figured I would share this with you all is well.

Chances are, you have used some of these apps and maybe you learned about some. For everyone who has read this post, the goal is to try and make our lives just a bit easier when it comes to actually creating the content, especially if making visually appealing content is a struggle.

I would advise everybody to pull these apps up on Youtube, to see how some of the experts are putting it to good use and get some tips as well.

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