The Importance of Creating Content!

One of the most important decisions I made, whether I realize it or not has been to start creating content and continuously learning how to do it. The importance of creating content cannot be underestimated. There are simply so many reasons and angles that we can take this topic from. Let me start by telling you why I decided and keep on creating.

When I moved to Trinidad a couple of years ago, I realized very quickly when I walked into Bmobile & Digicel stores, that these reps are really bad. They don’t know the products, they are making things up, lying to customers and as much as I love the smartphone technology, it’s what technology allows everybody to do that is extremely important.

When you are given a tool as powerful as a smartphone and educated on how to make it work for you, there are so many possibilities that get unlocked. It is why there is constant training in telecoms in every part of the world and product knowledge is paramount to the success of the businesses. I decided that I wanted to start trying to shift the mindset here and start teaching people about the technology and my philosophies on the products.

How we purchase smartphones here in the Caribbean, is completely different than back in Canada and the types of products I recommend here, are also very different than what I recommend in Canada. I started my blog back in Sept 2016 and started creating the conversations around smartphone tech. Not everyone will agree with me, but that’s the beauty of becoming a conversation starter. Some people will go against your way of thinking, but they still respect you and follow you.

So Why Is Content Creation Important?

It is important that everybody becomes a content creator. This isn’t just for entrepreneurs or advocates. This is especially for people who want jobs and want to climb the corporate ladder. Creating content in your niche gives you the chance to showcase your knowledge on the niche and your personal views. As we move further and further away from the paper resume, employers want to see your portfolio and see your views, hence they start checking out your social handles.

It allows you to add gems into the existing conversation and create other conversations that people may not be already having. We all have something to add to respective niches.

Should I be Creating Content?

Yes, what are you waiting for lol? In all seriousness, the best businesses and people are always pushing for the greater good. They are talking about problems we all face and trying to raise awareness of these problems and champion solutions.

It does not matter what industry you are in, you can find the angle that offers a solution to help our society, rather than spending your time and money creating ads and screaming at us why we need to buy your product or use your service.

Creating content can be difficult, we don’t always know where to start from and how to identify the problems in our industry to even begin talking about it or what medium to use or how to create something that will actually get people talking. But I am positive, everybody reading this can identify issues that their own industry is suffering from and that’s a good place to start.

Every business should be operating as a media house in 2019. Solving problems, creating stories, Edu-taining us (Education+Entertainment), this is how we connect to people and brands now.

Over the recent weeks, my inbox has been piling up with the questions surrounding content creation. How do I do it, how do I find the time to put out so much content and where do they begin?

I try to answer as best as possible but it just leads to more and more questions, all of which I can’t answer without fully understanding what you do, who you are or without showing you the tools, so that you can start to implement them and get your own data.

I decided to do a workshop called “Create”. I have done workshops before but it was always a joint effort with the people in my core team. This is my first solo joint and admittedly I’m a bit nervous lol. I only wanted 10 people for the workshop and at the time of writing this, I have 9 registrants and it hasn’t been 24hrs as yet.

Learning how to create impactful content is such a much-needed skill and I want to demystify the process a bit. Starting out, learning the tools of the trade can help you so much, it can take the guesswork out of what should I create and how can I put together some good content.

This is how you are going to attract the right people to do business with you, the right company to hire you and this is how you are going to make an impact into your niche. We have never had so many publishing platforms as we do today.

If video isn’t your thing, cool, you can do podcasts or write a blog. You can create graphics and a good caption to start conversations, you can write an e-book, the list just goes on with what type of content we can create.

If you need help on creating content, feel free to reach out. It helps me see what the needs of the public are and also craft content that helps you but also see in future what kind of workshops I can do to help you.

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