It’s Not Hard Out Here, It’s Your Mindset!

LISTEN TO ME!!! I’m gonna need y’all to banish the phrase “it’s hard out here” from your thought processes. It’s killing you and you don’t even know it! I’m gonna say it from now, it’s not hard out here, it’s your mindset.

The reason why I wanted to address this is that I see the stark differences between those who are winning or on the path to winning and those preaching doom and gloom, and are stuck in a shitty situation.

Growing up in Canada taught me a very valuable lesson, not to rely on the government or anybody for assistance. It taught me that nobody is coming to save you and that you need to go out and get it yourself. However, growing up it was really hard to believe that you could make it, especially being black in a racial society. Things have drastically changed now because we have all the tools and resources needed to become self-reliant.

Most people know me as Mr Droid, the mobile expert and if you don’t know about Droid Island, no worries, check it out when you can. Droid Island’s goal is to become the Caribbean Mobile Experts while being an e-commerce store selling some amazing devices. 3 years later, my brand was kind of built in 3 stages. The first incarnation of it was that it was strictly a blog educating the region. Then I had opened up a retail store which cost a pretty penny and then it morphed into a 100% e-commerce platform and blog and then the tech personality Mr Droid was born.

When people think about starting a business, 9/10 people are thinking about all the traditional ways to go about getting started. Extensive business plan, get funding and off they go. While this is still relevant for many industries, there are many businesses that you can create with next to no money.

The reason why I have become so passionate about building an online business is that there are aspects of the business you can start right away and there are many online businesses you can start with next to nothing.

Let’s look at Droid Island as an example. When opening the retail store, it took close to 90k to get started. Rent, outfitting the store, buying products, paying customs fees, all of that added up really quickly. I still didn’t have close to the amount of product I needed and could only afford to keep a few devices in stock and focus heavily on my services to earn revenue.

I had started to create a lot more content and then I started working with Bmobile. I realized very quickly, I got paid way more money creating content than I did selling products. I came to a very quick realization, if I could monetize my mind and knowledge, that is WAYYYY more scaleable than actually selling physical products and without all the overheads.

Transforming Droid Island to an e-commerce store and blog cost about $300ttd LOL. It’s laughable when I type this out. I bought a new website theme, hosting is cheap and I began dropshipping products. It freed me up to continue making content since I was no longer tied to a physical store and I got paid to create content, my website started making revenue with Google Ads, I learned about affiliate marketing and I was off to the races.

Due to the growing success of Droid Island, it opened up other opportunities because people wanted to know how to go about growing their brands and wanted my knowledge, which is why my platform has been focusing so heavily on Entrepreneurship and leveraging the technology available to build your online business.

Which brings me to today, where I realize I am very passionate about teaching people how to build an online business and changing the mentality in the Caribbean so that they become more self-reliant and stop begging for that saviour to come and make it all better. I’m sure by now you are kinda seeing how things are coming full circle for me.

I have switched my mindset on social media and I use it as my biggest learning tool. I follow a ton of accounts that teach me a variety of tools, methods and real practical shit that I can implement. I’ve muted a lot of friends because they don’t post anything of value for me in my current mindstate (still love y’all though) but I need to learn the ways of the digital age or else I will be floundering.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, whether full time or part time and want to know how to generate multiple streams of income today, you need to immerse yourself in what the hell is happening. There are no excuses anymore!

Everything you need to know or the people you need to connect with, are available to you at the click of a button and some of y’all just use Google for memes *Insert a big fat Santa laughing his off right here*. I really gotta learn how to put gifs in my content to lighten the mood, matter of fact I’ll Google that lol.

You know what type of pics/memes I like to see? I like to open my IG or Facebook and see things like this right here.

Business in 2019
I love these!

This was the first picture I saw when I woke up at 4 am today, do you know what filtering your social media accounts does to your psyche? It mentally wires you to constantly think about all of the opportunities and possibilities available to you, all the time.

People laugh when I say that so much of my content comes from little snippets of info or memes on social media. They send me down the rabbit hole of Google and I can then turn around and create a full article about a topic for my audience.

So back to the original reason for writing today’s blog. The saying “it’s hard out here” is killing you. It’s killing your spirits and creativity to see the solutions in all of the problems.

“Don’t complain if you cannot provide atleast 3 solutions to the problem.”

Keron Rose

We need to work on our mindset! Nothing is perfect anywhere in the world and now that we have endless learning resources and can earn revenue online, you are missing the boat if you continue to think doom & gloom.

We are living in the greatest time ever, I can sit here in my living room, sip some tea, write this blog, listen to Tarrus Riley on Youtube and have people in other countries message me and tell me how much they are motivated by this blog. A blog from a 32 yr old who is still navigating the waters of entrepreneurship himself.

It’s only hard out here if you want it to be hard. Otherwise, getting started is as easy as you making that first Google search.

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