“Into The Digital Age” – Getting Paid Online Recap

Cassia Marina and myself just wrapped up the 2nd installment of our workshop titled “Into The Digital Age”, and I can honestly say, it was definitely one of the best workshops I have attended and also been apart of.

In this workshop, we spoke about the vast majority of ways to get paid online right here in Trinidad & Tobago. Every business needs to start thinking about what digital components or systems they can add to their business, to reduce overheads, expand their footprint and create passive streams.

We brought in Aldwyn Wayne of Wipay and he gave everybody a real reality check. He spoke about the grind of building a company like Wipay in this current climate, where traditional thinking meets the new age entrepreneur and discussed some of the major problems his company is looking to solve. One thing that really hit home for myself and the crowd, was hearing him talking about how he enjoys building a company that is enabling everybody to grow their own business.

Marissa Sharma came through and gave us some insights on how Scotiabank is helping entrepreneurs and business owners alike. There are quite a few tools the group found interesting and she started off by letting everybody know, “The world has changed and so must you in order to move forward.” It’s a sentiment I keep on saying every single day.

Speaking with everybody afterwards, I got to partake in some amazing conversations. People are learning about so many different tools that they never knew existed right here in T&T and it has given them a fresh perspective on things they can add in their businesses.

The biggest compliment was the people asking if our workshop series will become a regular event. Right now, it has definitely been on my mind and Cassia has been thinking more about it, the more people keep reaching out to share their experience with our event.

I do feel like the time is now to start talking about Digital Business. It’s becoming increasingly hard to relate with people who have been in business for 10+ years as they have been built their business in a different time and typically aren’t speaking about the new ways of building a business online.

May 11th, is the last of our 3 workshops and we will have a fun-filled interactive workshop on Content Creation. We will be bringing 2 of my favourite content creators to the workshop to lead us through some exercises to actually create content and learn the tools they use.

We will also be discussing how to monetize Youtube and Affiliate Marketing, which are some other great ways to add to your business revenue stream.

Have you secured your spot at the “Into The Digital Age” Content Creation Workshop?


  1. Reynold Ransome December 29, 2019at6:58 pm

    Keron, I can see clearly now; well over the past 12 months regarding entrepreneurship.

    Firstly, I’m a fan of your content in highlighting that there is nothing like entrepreneurship – building your own legacy. There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way we (Caribbean People) highly regard obtaining extra academic qualifications just for the sake of it.

    I’ve been sold the traditonal academic narrative for many years and believed it was one of the best ways to financial freedom. How do we define that freedom depends on the beholder, but I think you might know where I’m comming from. Yes, I attained qualifications etc, but for what? To build another man’s empire…

    Last year I started selling on Amazon and yesterday obtained my first dropshipping sale. I wish I had started these ventures 10 years ago. Times are changing and the digital age is moving forward. Traditional streams of income will evolve and thats why the time is now. People with Masters working in call centers etc in Trinidad – that’s wrong and the list goes on and on…

    Keep pushing the entrepreneurship envelope and help change T&T’s landscape.


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