Making Money Online Through Microtasks!

What on earth are Microtasks? Micro-tasks are small, simple tasks that require human judgment and can be completed independently over the Internet. Microtasks have become such a huge hit because companies are using a method called crowdsourcing, that allows them to get a large number of individuals online to complete tasks and it allows companies to save huge on costs with respect to hiring one individual to complete the task.

The goal is to have simple tasks being done and when you begin to do multiple tasks per hour, you can earn a decent hourly wage. Some of those tasks include things like:

  • Finding contact details from some websites
  • Searching for similar websites
  • Finding images based on keywords
  • Giving reviews and ratings on websites
  • Writing comments or short articles
  • Like pages on social media platforms
  • Follow people on social media
  • Signup people on websites
  • Rate Youtube videos
  • Create email accounts
  • Data Entry

Good news my fellow Caribbeanites…You can do this too. What you will need is a Paypal account to get paid and if you are in Trinidad, a JMMB account to have those Paypal funds deposited into or a Visa (not Mastercard) to deposit the funds. A drawback to using a Visa card is there is a limit to how much money can be held on the card. A Payoneer account can also be used to deposit the funds and the Amazon MTurk website will need a Payoneer account for deposits. The last option to deposit these funds will be if you have a US bank account, this will supersede the previous options just mentioned.

Now that you have an idea of what some of the simple tasks are and what you will need in order to get paid, let’s take a look at some of the top websites that you can register on to start doing these tasks and make some extra money.

The Top Crowdsourcing Websites

Now keep in mind, crowdsourcing is meant to be short tasks, that pay small money per task and you make your money by doing a volume of small tasks. This is a great way to earn additional money, especially when you can earn it in USD.

Start researching each of these popular platforms, as some of them are specialized in particular fields and allow you to earn more money. Design HIll, for example, is great for creatives as the tasks revolve more around graphic design, photography, etc.

Each day you can go home and spend an hour or two completing tasks and earn that additional money. Some of the platforms also have a mobile app associated with them, that will allow you to complete tasks on the go.

So, my friends, I hope this article has given you enough to begin going down the rabbit hole and researching even more about crowdsourcing and microtasks. I have given you what you will need in order to get paid and also the top platforms being used by freelancers across the globe.

It’s time for us here in the Caribbean to jump on the Crowdsourcing wave and earning extra money.

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  1. Rachael November 12, 2019at2:35 pm

    Thank you so much for this. I’m grateful for your wisdom and the manner in which you share it


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