5 Ways SEO Can Help You Create Content & Learn Your Niche

You would be surprised just how much information and data we have access to in order to help our businesses and better yet, understand the people we are trying to serve with our business. I believe that the better we understand who we want to serve, our business decisions can be more aligned and we can have a greater impact. I wanted to give you a look at 5 ways that SEO can help you create content & learn your niche.

The more I have learned about SEO and understanding how to interpret the available data, the famous saying from Seth Godin makes more and more sense. Seth Godin said “You can’t be seen until your learn to see.”

For me, it has been a bit of a compass with respects to how I have gone about creating my content over the years. How I have internalized that is I need to continue learning how to understand the needs and pain points of my audience and then create my content around that, so it will be relevant and applicable.

If you can train yourself to see the problems in your niche backed by the data, your content has the greatest chance of being seen and received by the intended audience.

So here are the 5 key ways SEO tools can help you understand your audience and also have your content found online for the search enquirers:

  1. Learn what your audience is searching for
  2. Learn how your competitors are being found
  3. Learn what your competitors are doing well online
  4. SEO tools can help you make key business decisions
  5. Will allow you to optimize your webpages and product pages to be found by the search engines

Learn What Your Audience Is Searching For

Learning these tools will help you gain a big advantage because you will now have the direct ability to see exactly what your audience is searching for online. You will now be able to get a pulse check on your ideas and product offerings to see if people are looking for it online and within your country.

Imagine if you are to write a block and in doing your homework you realize, hey nobody in my country has googled this topic. You can now make an informed decision on if you should write it or how you should go about writing it. Maybe you need to link your idea to something they are searching for, so that it can be found when they are Googling.

You can also put in the names or types of products and get a pulse check on what the interest levels are for that specific product and you will also get recommendations with what people are searching for surrounding that product or topic.

Just imagine how much help that can be right now, especially during this time where we need to be more precise than ever in our messaging and offerings.

Learn how your competitors are being found

I can’t lie, this always made me feel like a spy. It almost feels like cheating lol and the fact that we have access to this type of information for free is almost insane to me but follow me.

We have tools that can analyze anybody’s website and that will allow you to get an idea of how many keywords they rank for, how many links online that link back to their website, their top-performing webpages and the top keywords they are being found for.

Can you appreciate just how much knowing that information can help you with your business and content?

Learn what your competitors are doing well online for

Here’s an idea…You are just starting out in your business and there is someone in your space who is the current thought leader or biggest player in your market. You can have their website analyzed and see what are their most trafficked pages and you can check it out. Maybe you get some ideas of what you need to add/change on your pages but also maybe you add a page similar to what they have but you have your own spin & information.

If you know what the top keywords they are being found for are, you can then write some articles that have your own take on the topic and optimize for the same keyword that they are ranking for. That will allow you the chance to be found when the audience is searching for your competitors or other thought leaders in your space. They search for them and you can pop up right next to them. That will allow you to steal some brand equity as well (providing your content is good).

SEO tools can help you make key business decisions

The information you can gather will allow you to get a greater picture of what is happening in your space. Before you start to invest in products, you can get an idea for the appetite on the product.

This will allow you to know what content to create but even more important, it will shape the perspective you take when you create the content.

It’s amazing to see the insights you can get because just when you think that you have this amazing idea for a new vlog/blog, you might realize that nobody in your market has shown any interest in that topic. So now you can either scratch the idea for something else or you can find something they have shown interest in and tie that back into your content to make a correlation.

Not only would you have a greater chance of success with that content, the search engines know just what people are looking for and you will have a greater chance of organic reach with that content, seeing as how their would be more people searching for the topic that has known recorded interest.

Will allow you to optimize your webpages and product pages to be found by the search engines

How search engines work in the most basic form is that they deploy bots that crawl/scan/analyze your websites to get an understanding of what your website/pages are all about.

Once they understand it, they index the pages and then when people type in a query on the respective search engine, they display the most relevant content for the enquirers.

That is why knowing what people are searching for and the keywords used in those searches are so important (amongst many other factors) are important, so that the search engines can display the most relevant information.

When you know what people are looking for, you can optimize your website to the best of your ability and have a greater chance of being found online and your content has the best chance of being found OVERTIME. Social media’s window is about 4 minutes, if your content does not get engagement within that window, the algorithms bury it and it doesn’t see the light of day again.

However, search engines are the complete opposite. Once your pages are properly optimized and indexed, anytime someone searches for that content, you have a chance to be displayed. The goal is to learn what people are searching for, how to optimize your pages and periodically check on how your pages/blogs are performing and see if you can spruce them up every once in a while to keep giving it life online.

I hope those reasons have given you an appetite to learn more about how you can use SEO and data within your business to not just create better content but also how to make more informed business decisions.

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