What’s Missing From Insurance Agent’s Marketing

If there is one industry that frustrates me, insurance, which sucks because it’s a needed industry. I am frustrated because their interactions always feel like a scam due to their selling practices. Just the other day, I got a call after 7 pm from an agent telling me that he got my number from someone else and wants me to visit them in the next 3 days in their office so I can learn about their offerings…HARD NO! That’s why I want to dive into what’s missing from Insurance Agent’s Marketing strategies.

It seems that how insurance companies and agents sell & market their business is completely outdated in the Caribbean.

For starters, when you look up insurance questions on Google, all of the questions are being answered by companies in other countries.

Since the number 1 way that people conduct research is via Google, not showing up for the questions and queries that your audience is asking is a big issue. The questions are still being asked but no Insurance company or agent in Trinidad and Tobago shows up for any of the searches.

Now, I like to look at the data and show you guys a breakdown of what we are talking about.

Let’s use consumer data extracted from Google on Tatil.

tatil insurance
Tatil Trinidad Keywords
tatil trinidad research
Tatil Consumer Search Intentions

From this data, we learn exactly what keywords/queries and the intentions behind consumer’s searches when they consult with Google to get information surrounding Tatil and what types of keywords/queries are bringing traffic to Tatil’s website. Tatil’s website is currently ranking for 116 keywords on the Google Search Engine.

We can also learn the intentions behind each search query that consumers are using to get information about Tatil.

This type of data will give Tatil a better understanding of what their audience wants when looking for insurance and what they are searching for in relation to their company. This is what we help guide their business and marketing development strategies.

Let’s find out the age ranges of those who have been searching for Tatil over the last 30 days.

ages of Tatil clients
Age range for those searching for Tatil on Google Last 30 days

Now that they know the age ranges for those searching for Tatil in the last 30 days, they can start to take a deeper look at building out their customer avatars. What are the problems that folks ages 35-44 going through that they would want insurance. What types of products would best suit them at this stage of their life? What platforms would they be hanging out on? What content style and voice should be used to reach them?

The more you start digging into consumer data, the more you can tailor your approach to capture this segment in the market.

Now, let’s look at what cities the people who have been searching for Tatil are coming from.

tatil customers location
Location of ppl searching for Tatil over the last 12 months

This data can help with targeting ads and getting an idea as to where Tatil or their competitors can start to run offline campaigns.

This data in the above picture focused on the last 12 months but let’s see if it changes when we look at who has been looking for Tatil over the last 30 days.

Tatil consumer location 30 days
Tatil consumer location 30 days

When we compare the search locations for 12 months to the last 30 days, we see that the data changes. This is why we must always keep tabs every month on our consumer research.

Every single company needs to be doing competitor analysis based on the CONSUMER data, ultimately you serve them and need to exactly who they are, what they want, where they are located, what platforms and channels they use and learn how to give them what they want, at the exact time they are conducting their search.

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 Insurance company’s websites that are gaining the most traffic within their market.

top insurance companies in trinidad and tobago
Top 10 Insurance Companies Web Traffic

Every month, insurance companies should be looking to take traffic away from their competitors. We should be learning what keywords and queries are bringing traffic to their websites so that we can take out ads on those keywords to drive traffic to our platforms. We should also be creating content answering those queries so that our platform can become the go-to resource for all things insurance.

Now, this is what I feel like every Insurance Agent needs to be looking at, consumer data based on the keywords and queries happening in their industry. Then learn how to turn this into content on a platform that gets indexed by Search Engines.

Let’s give you an example.

Let’s take the keyword “Car Insurance” and do some quick research.

car insurance trinidad faq
Top Car Insurance Questions in T&T

In the last 30 days, there were over 392 questions and queries that were Googled about Car Insurance in Trinidad and Tobago.

Each one of these questions was asked by Trini’s looking for information about car insurance and almost all of the questions asked, only content from other Insurance companies popped up from other countries because none of the Insurance companies or agents in Trinidad and Tobago are creating content on Searchable platforms if they are even creating content at all.

The sad part is that I know there are a few good Insurance making content on social media but the reality is when people are looking to do their research on Insurance, they head to Google, Bing or any Search Engine to ask their questions.

So all of the social media content you are putting out doesn’t get found because social media isn’t indexed by the Search Engines, meaning when I type in a question into Google, your content doesn’t show up. This leads to people having to call in or email insurance companies for any information.

To bring all of this home, Insurance agents and companies need to be Googleable.

You need to be where your consumers are doing their research if you want to increase your sales, lead and brand awareness.

If I were to give you 3 tips to make an immediate impact, it would be this:

  1. Take all of your TikTok, IG Reels video content and add it to Youtube Shorts because Youtube videos show up in Google Search Results. This will extend the life, reach and searchability of your content.
  2. Learn how Google Business works. It is the portal to help with Local Search Engine Optimization and help you get found on Google. You can also put a wide assortment of content, products, events, and reviews onto the platform that will help drive traffic to your brand.
  3. Get a website! I can’t stress the importance of getting yourself a website that can house all of your content. Leaving your content on social media will put you on the hamster wheel. Low shelf life and having to create new content at a high level in order to remain relevant on the platforms.

Remember, creating static images or short videos on Social Media isn’t enough.

You should be creating long form content via blogs to help guide decisions and help your audience make informed decisions.

If you Google “Insurance Podcasts” Look at how many come up, all educating about insurance and building an audience, trust and a loyal base. This is where your marketing needs to be headed!

Insurance Agents need to do away with the old-school tactics or dial it back. I don’t want to be cold called…ever! I don’t enjoy my number being passed around and marketed too late in the evening for a product or service I am not actively looking for.

When I do decide to Google for insurance products, I expect to see localized information to my questions. Your website also organizes the content and you are able to create better information flows.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY is going to scroll through your Social Media platforms looking for information and content. That’s just not consumer behaviour and if you believe people are going to scroll through your Linkedin or Instagram content for a video you posted 2 months ago, you are only lying to yourself.

This is why learning at least the basics of Digital Marketing is essential for everybody because you will learn how to do market research on your audience and also learn how to get your content searchable to participate in the #1 way consumers conduct research in the Digital Age.

Here are a couple of resources to check out.

If you want to learn market research and get some of the data that I showed in these pictures and more, check out my Market Research Course.

I like to offer folks 2 courses on Digital Marketing, 1 is a paid course from one of the top institutions certifying marketers and the other is a free course. Both are certifications that are recognized globally

Digitalmarketer – Digital Marketing Strategist (Paid)

HubSpot – Digital Marketing (Free)

Learning how to tap into consumer data, turn it into marketing & business development strategies and have your content show up exactly when your consumers are looking for it are the keys to success in the digital age.

Digital Strategy is no longer limited to Marketers, now everybody in business needs to understand how to reach their audience where they are at with targeted and tailored information…but also, beating them to the punch before your competitors do.

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