The Year of Yes!

2018 was the year of YES! Yes to opportunities, Yes to new friends, Yes to meeting like minds, Yes to no dead weight on my team, Yes Yes & Yes.

After getting so used to the bitter taste of all the No’s throughout life, when I taste the Yes, it’s kinda like biting into something that tastes good and then you start wondering if there is going to be that bad taste afterwards lol.

But over the last 6 months, I am starting to get used to the opportunities because when I sit back and really think about how I got here, I put in work. I made mistakes, I learned and the biggest lesson that I have learned that seems to be lost amongst a lot of people in the Caribbean, is you need to solve a problem.

If whatever you are passionate about doesn’t solve a problem that people actually care about, then it’s no wonder you aren’t getting people to buy.

The problem you solve had better be something you are passionate about because it is going to be the X factor in just how much energy you put into your business.

This is the first year since…well I don’t remember, but this is the first year I have been fired up to start the new year. I don’t have that dark cloud hanging over me, that feeling of, “what the hell am going to do with my life?”, type of feeling.

For this new year…I don’t have resolutions, I made my plan of things that I will be working on and intend to accomplish. Making a plan has always been hard because my life has always been extremely unstable and very unpredictable.

But this year, I am going deeper into my business ventures. Droid Island, The Content Factory, The Mobile Academy and also committing to my daily blog (

My goal is to create digital businesses that I can scale and work from wherever in the world I can get an internet connection too. Every venture I have started, I am extremely passionate about and in ways, they are all linked in some way. So it is easy for me to be in the frame of mind to switch between all 3 businesses.

The digital age for the new year is going to be the saving grace for so many of us in the Caribbean, as we can conduct business and participate in the global economy, rather than just trying to do business locally.

So I challenge you to start thinking about your own business, is there a digital component you can leverage? Do you feel like you are probably not tech savvy enough to make a digital business? Or maybe you don’t even know where to start? Well, I was at that point too.

2016, I didn’t know anything about starting a blog, building an online business, and know in 2019, I have learned enough (still learning) to start building websites and finding ways to make money online.

I seen in the news, the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, was talking about bracing for a slow 2019. All I could think about was myself and my team. Who on earth thinks it’s going to be slow this year? We are to busy seeing in contract negotiations, and seeing our businesses beginning to take off, for us to be thinking about any slow period.

So if you want to get started on thinking about building a digital business, I urge you to check this book out, it is a great starting point for what you should be gunning for in 2019.

Don’t wait till the middle of 2019 to get started on trying to make 2019 the best year…I am claiming 2019! I want you to claim it too.


  1. Mikkell Khan January 4, 2019at9:30 pm

    Thanks for this article Kern. There is so much opportunity for growth once you have a mindset to allow yourself to see it. I wish you and everyone who dares to try all the best.

  2. Tashia May 9, 2019at8:10 pm

    Funny how I came across this post. I designated that this year would be my Year of Yes. I too did not make resolutions but I vowed to not let fear stop me from embracing opportunities as they came. So far I have started back public speaking and took a part-time media job! Things I would have been terrified to do just two years ago. I no longer have the feeling of angst that I have experienced since I finished my master’s degree but it certainly was a tough climb to get to this place of peace. I am convinced that everything happens at the time it is supposed to and I look forward to what the rest of 2019 will bring.


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