The Breakdown of My Brand Ecosystem

What is a Brand Ecosystem?

A Brand Ecosystem is a dynamic, self-sustaining network composed of various offerings—ranging from coaching, software, courses, and live events to books, training, services, and products—that a business or individual provides. This ecosystem is tailored to harness the unique strengths of its creator and to address the evolving needs and desires of their community and customers. It stands out for its adaptability and uniqueness, constantly evolving to remain relevant and responsive in a changing market. Central to the concept of a Brand Ecosystem is the strategic diversification of income streams, ensuring financial resilience and sustainability by not relying on a single source of revenue. This approach not only creates financial stability but also enriches the value offered to the audience, making the ecosystem a powerful tool for future-proofing a business.

At its core, the Brand Ecosystem thrives on innovation, engagement, and the deep, value-oriented delivery of expertise.

Why is it important?

Building your Brand Ecosystem is one of the most important things you can do for your business today! As a multifaceted Digital Strategist, International Speaker, Podcaster, Radio Host, News Columnist, TV personality, University program advisor, and workshop facilitator, my professional journey embodies the essence of a comprehensive brand ecosystem tailored for the digital age. My mission is to empower Caribbean business owners and those in the diaspora with strategies that pave the way for success in an increasingly digital marketplace.

This article offers a sneak peek into how each facet of my career—whether it’s delivering insights from a global stage, engaging audiences through various media platforms, or providing educational workshops—works synergistically to reinforce my presence as an industry thought leader. We’ll explore the connectivity of these roles and how they collectively drive business growth, enhance market visibility, establish credibility, and generate sustainable income, all while keeping me at the forefront of the Digital Strategy niche.

The goal here is to show you what a Brand Ecosystem looks like, so that you can start thinking about how you will craft your very own.

The Brand Ecosystem Components:

  1. Free Content
  2. Services & Products
  3. Events

These are the core components that make up my ecosystem, you will notice that they all work together, fueling each other.

Free Content

  • Blogs
  • Podcast
  • YouTube Videos
  • Social Media
  • News Column Writer
  • Radio Host
  • TV

A pivotal element of my brand ecosystem is the free content I provide, rooted in the philosophy that visibility is a prerequisite to profitability. Leveraging my experiences from running “Droid Island,” my digital content spans across solving crucial problems in marketing, data analytics, and online payment mechanisms—key areas I mastered to thrive in the smartphone business. Acknowledging the diverse learning preferences among my audience, I’ve dedicated myself to producing content in various formats: visual, audio, and written. This multifaceted approach not only caters to individual learning styles but also maximizes reach by allowing for distribution across multiple platforms. Whether it’s engaging visuals for those who learn best by seeing, immersive audio for listeners, or in-depth written pieces for readers, my content is designed to give me maximum reach and impact.

The blogs allow my content to be searchable through the Search Engines. They are also the #1 traffic driver to my website, which allows people to subscribe to my Email, Push Notification Lists and CRM. I get deeper insights through my analytics tools that inform my future strategy and give me an idea of whether my past strategies have worked.

I write for the Jamaica Observer and The Trinidad and Tobago Newsday media houses. Writing content for them allows me to create a big presence in the offline space, and get my name and content in the hands of the people who prefer to read the Newspapers. Just when you think, “Nobody buys the papers anymore”, you would be insanely wrong for thinking that. I always smile when I get stopped and people tell me they read my columns every week or shoot me an email based on my column.

People also forget there are digital benefits to writing for a media house as well. The #1 News platform in the world is Apple News. The only way for your content to make it to Apple News is you need to write for or be featured in the Newspapers. So yes, people may not be physically buying as many newspapers as they used to but that’s because there is now more ways to consume the news content. They share the articles online through social media, people consume it through Apple News, Google News, Flipboard, etc and the articles are always indexed by the Search Engines and show up on page 1 of the Search Results Pages.

The Digipreneur FM Podcast allows me to dive deep into all the topics I cover, as each episode is between 45min to 1 hour. Having mediums where you can deep-dive into the topics in your niche is critical because it gives your community the ability to get a good understanding of your knowledge, your thought process and ultimately whether or not you can help them. The podcast has also become one of the top ranked podcasts (according to Apple Charts) in the region, ranking on the charts in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, St Lucia, St Vincent, Dominica and most recently, Grenada.

digipreneur fm apple podcast rankings.

My YouTube channel strategy is to focus on that being a repository for all of my videos, since YouTube is #2 search engine in the world, it’s important for me to have the video content there so that when people are searching for topics in my space, they can consume it via video if that is there preference. We cannot dictate for force people to consume content in a format that we are only comfortable doing, our job should be to create content in multiple formats, so that they ultimately pick how they want to consume the content. My YouTube channel will also house my speaking engagements, workshop content, vlogs and other things that help build my status as a thought leader, build credibility, establish trust and show people the things I go through on this journey through my vlogs.

The Digipreneur is also on CNC3’s “The Morning Brew”, every single Tuesday at 7am. The focus here is to speak on topics in the digital space and provide tools and strategies for business owners in this 15-minute segment. Having this slot inside the top morning show in T&T also allows us to reach those who are still afraid of doing things online and help them start understanding the digital world bit by bit. It also reaches a massive audience and when the segment is over, it is then shared through all digital channels.

The radio show “The Digital World“, allows me to produce yet another program in the traditional space that reaches audiences in the country and across the world, since people tune in not just from their radios but also through radio apps and the live stream from our website. We get to deep dive on topics, talk about trends, educate, field questions from listeners and interview guests every week who have made a splash in the digital space. Whereas the podcast is me doing solo deep dives, Digital World allows me to work with a co-host and facilitate conversations with our guests that allow us to learn from them.

Lastly, I use Social Media as a place where I can build community, allow people to access resources to help them in their digital journey and have 2-way conversations with the audience. The goal for my social media platforms is to be the go-to place to learn about all things Digital Strategy, Marketing and E-Commerce. My stories also provide you with insights into my days and the things I do in my business and sneak peeks of my personal life.

All of the content I create, fuels my pipeline, generates opportunities and sells my products and services.

Services & Products

  • 1on1’s
  • Digipreneur Academy Courses
  • Company Training
  • Program Advisor at the University of South Florida
  • UWI Lok-Jack Workshop Facilitator

1 on 1 Strategy Sessions are typically my most exclusive offering, as it requires my time and presence to deliver this. Because of that, it is the product that I hardly offer and is my most expensive offering. I reserve this as well for the people with missions I truly believe in and get excited when sitting down with them and crafting out their digital strategy.

The Digipreneur Academy is my online school, which has allowed me to package my knowledge, turn it into courses which people can take at their leisure, gain my knowledge and insights and we can scale this because it is a digital course. People from anywhere in the world can gain access to me, through a much more affordable option.

Many organizations today are trying to figure out how their company can leverage the digital world to attract new business, build awareness and establish themselves as industry leaders. Company Training allows me to go into organizations, work with their teams to help them up-skill where needed and teach them new digital strategies to achieve their goals.

Working with both the University of South Florida and UWI Lok-Jack, allows me to be a part of educating the next generation of Digital Marketers and also training marketing personnel already employed at companies. As a Program Advisor at the USF, I get the opportunity to influence what goes into the Digital Marketing curriculum.


  1. Speaking
  2. Hosting
  3. Workshops

With all of the Free Content that I put out there, that has been catching the eye of organizations over the past 8 years and this has allowed me to gain Paid Speaking opportunities. I typically have a list of 5 Topics that I am speaking about listed on my platforms but the free content also gives organizations and event promoters the ability to say “hey, we just saw this piece of content you put out, can we bring you on stage to speak on it?” This is another area that I am getting to enjoy because I get to deliver on topics that I am passionate about, in front of my ideal audience/clients and it’s another great way to give people a taste of my brand who may have never heard of me before. If you also nail your speaking gigs, this is the #1 way to secure any subsequent speaking gigs.

Hosting is pretty new for me and has always been something that I have turned down when asked over the years. The change for me happened when companies and event organizers started reaching out for me to hosts but explained that they didn’t just want another popular person, media personality or pretty face, they wanted someone who is in the tech and business space, who can add to the conversations, share insights between speakers and just add overall value to the event.


Workshops are one of my favourite engagements. They give me the ability to dive deep into topics and show people the “How” to get things done. My Free Content generally gives you the What and the Why, but now I get to show you the How to do it. Since 1on1’s are my most expensive product, they don’t always make sense for most entrepreneurs to engage but the workshops allow me to teach a group, at a more affordable price point for new entrepreneurs. A lot of the workshops I do are also free to the public who are looking to learn as well and I do them in collaboration with another corporate entity who has shared values and mission as me.

keron rose at UWI, Arthur Lok-Jack teaching digital marketing.

I hope I was able to show you why having a Brand Ecosystem is important for your business. Everything works hand in hand to market your business, establish yourself as an industry expert, generate opportunities and sell your products and services.

Everybody’s Brand Ecosystem will look and feel a bit different, but the components will be consistent. You need to have content in various formats and distribution channels to gain the best reach to make the most impact, they should bring people into your products, services and event offerings.

I look forward to hearing from you, lets chat in the comments and let me know if this was helpful for you.

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