What Can You Do With The Colour App?

What Is Colour?

The Colour App, developed by WiPay Caribbean, is designed as a super payments application aimed at revolutionizing the way people in the Caribbean manage, send, and receive money. It’s tailored to solve everyday financial challenges faced by individuals and businesses alike. The app supports a wide array of functionalities including the ability to instantly receive and send money, accept card payments without the need for the other party to have the app. It is supported by over 900 million cards globally, ensuring wide usability and convenience.

Colour App makes financial transactions hassle-free for Caribbean nationals, catering to a diverse audience from street vendors to professional service providers. With no monthly fees for maintaining the Colour Account, it provides a cost-effective solution for managing finances. It is currently only available in Trinidad and Tobago but will be launching in the other Caribbean islands soon.

The app is not limited to businesses, everyday people can use the app to make and accept payments from anybody in the world.

Why All Small Businesses Should Have The App

The Colour App by WiPay Caribbean is a vital tool for small business owners, offering a range of features designed to enhance financial management and customer transactions. It simplifies receiving payments with options like tap and go, QR code scanning, and digital invoicing, catering to various customer preferences. Advanced security features ensure transactions are safe from unauthorized access, building customer trust.

Additionally, the app comes without monthly fees, presenting a cost-effective solution for managing finances. It supports a broad customer base, as payments can be made without requiring the app, enhancing convenience and accessibility. Backed by WiPay, a trusted name in the Caribbean’s payment solutions sector, Colour provides reliability and innovation, making it an invaluable asset for small businesses aiming to streamline operations and grow their customer base‚Äč.

How Does The Colour App Allow Us To Get Paid?

  1. Tap and Go for Face-to-Face Transactions: Businesses can accept MasterCard and Visa Card payments in person through a simple tap and go system. This method is particularly suitable for fast, contactless transactions, enhancing the customer experience with speed and convenience. For this to work, you must have an Android device that has NFC and the customer must have a chipped Linx, Debit or Credit Card. You can accept bank and credit cards from around the world. Since Apple has locked access to their NFC chip, the tap to pay feature does not work on iOs devices. I recommend all iOs users to buy the cheap second hand android device with NFC, so they can accept payments on that device.
  2. QR Code Payments: The app allows businesses to generate a unique QR code that customers can scan to make payments. This method is secure and reduces the need for physical contact, catering to the increasing preference for digital payments. It simplifies the payment process for customers who can scan the QR code and pay through their phone, making it ideal for quick sales or transactions at physical locations.
  3. Invoicing: Businesses can send invoices directly through the app with a convenient payment button included. This feature is perfect for service-based businesses or those conducting sales remotely. Invoices can be sent via email, social media, or messaging platforms, making it easy for local or foreign clients to complete payments seamlessly.

Take a look at how the payment options work right here.

The Colour Card: Physical and Digital

When you download the app, upload your documents and get your account approved, you will have the ability to swipe up from the bottom and access the Colour Card.

To get the card, there is a fee of $100ttd, which does take 1-3 weeks to be received at your home address. Everybody should keep in mind that the cards are being mailed out using TT Post and they aren’t always the speediest.

There are some key things to know about the Cards:

  1. There is a Physical and Digital card, both having seperate numbers. The Digital Card has not been rolled out as yet.
  2. The Physical Card is tied to TT Currency wallet and your Digital Card will be tied to the US Currency Wallet inside of the app when it is finally rolled out.
  3. The Physical Card will give you access to $500usd per month to spend how you wish and the Digital Card tied to your US balance will give you access to as much US Currency you need that is inside of the wallet. So if you have $1500usd in your US Colour Wallet, you will have that much to spend. If you have $5000usd, same thing. The limit for USD is however much you have inside of your USD Wallet.
  4. The Card can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted, Online, Point of Sale and ATMs.

Accessing Your Funds After Receiving Money

If you have received money, there are way 2 ways you can access the funds:

  1. Withdrawals To Your Bank – You can connect both your local TT Currency bank account from any bank and you can also connect your LOCAL USD account from your bank as well. When you have money inside your wallets in the app, you can deposit the funds to your bank accounts and it takes 1-5 business days to show up in your bank accounts.
  2. Colour Card – If you need immediate access to the funds in your account, this is where the Colour Card comes in. Once you keep the funds inside the app, you have immediate access to them by using the Colour Card. So if you get paid today by clients or family/friends, those funds are available for you to use immediately.

Check this video out to see how you can access the funds from the Colour App and Card.

Colour App Processing Fees

When using the payment features of Colour, there will be fees to process the transactions. You do have the ability to absorb the fees or pass the fees on to the person making the payment. This can be toggled under the More tab in the app, then by selecting Manage Fees.

The fees are 3.5% + $.25 USD processing fee, per transaction.

Ex. The customer is paying $10ttd…The fee would be $2.05ttd…bringing the transaction up to $12.05ttd.

You can decide what is best for you, absorbing the fees or passing them over to the payee. For reference, the banks charge 3%-5% per transaction when taking payments on their terminals.

There is a $5ttd fee to withdraw the funds from the app and deposit the funds to your bank account.

Withdrawing PayPal Funds To Colour

This is something that everybody in Trinidad and Tobago can do. You can receive your funds from PayPal and deposit the money into your Colour account. The benefit to this is that now you have an official way from a local company to receive these funds without having to go and sign up for a bank account as mentioned above.

Here’s How To Add Colour To PayPal:

  1. Select Pay & Get Paid
  2. Click on Banks and Cards
  3. Under Credit & Debit Cards, Select “Link a Card”
  4. Enter in the Colour Card Number and Details
  5. Click “Link Card”

In order for the Card to be added, you must have at least $10ttd on the Colour Card. The fastest way to add money to the Colour Card is by going into the app, select Get Paid and use the Tap to Pay Feature or The Scan QR Code in order to add the funds.

Receiving money from PayPal and adding the Funds to the Colour App

Downloading the Colour App

You can download the Colour App in the App Store or the Play Store.

You can also download the app for either platform from their website –> Colour Website

Any and Every small business should set up the Colour app, it immediately turns your phone into a Point of Sale machine.

For those who receive money from clients, friends or family from platforms like PayPal, this is great as well because now you can receive the funds from PayPal, deposit the funds into the app and have immediate access with the Colour Card or you can deposit the funds from the Colour app into your local Personal or Business account, once it has been added into Colour.

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