Creating a Will With Island Legal Wills

When it comes to the Millennial generation and younger, thinking about things like a Will isn’t one of our top priorities. I mean who wants to think about their passing, when we are just getting started with living lol.

Nonetheless, anything can happen at any given time, so there is no better time to create a Will than today.

Island Legal Wills is a new service for the Caribbean that allows us to create legal Wills online for any Caribbean country.

The process was seamless and takes about 15 min to create, my video going through the entire process was a little bit longer so that I could show you the platform and check out their pricing & FAQ section.

What makes the process so seamless to me is that there is a lot of information in each step so you understand exactly what is required for you to input and some helpful tips to make the right decision for each section.

One of the main reasons why folks in the Caribbean do not create Wills is due to the cost and the process of going through Lawyers to get it done, now there are going to be scenarios where you will have no choice but to go through a Lawyer if you have special Clauses for the Will but most people will do well with having a straight forward one.

The pricing of their packages is very good, starting at $59usd with 1 year worth of unlimited updates, right up to $329usd for 12 years of unlimited updates.

You can start creating the Will today and only pay when you are ready to download it and have it signed, so I encourage you to check it and begin going through the process.

I do have a gift for you from the Island Legal Wills team.

We have a 20% discount code for you that’s valid until March 2023.

If you use the code KROSE20, that $59sd package goes right down to $47.20usd.

The code is available to be used on all 3 pricing tiers and you will get the 20% off.

Feel free to check the video to watch the process and visit their website Island Legal Wills to get started creating your will today.

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