6 Ways To Create Discoverable Video

We have all been hearing for the longest while…all platforms are favouring video and giving more priority to video.

We also hear that video is the medium that is the most persuasive because of all of the intangibles…ppl can see your gestures, your facial expressions, you can do live video and keep it authentic or you can do edited videos that add in all sorts of elements to your videos to captivate your audiences.

Now that is all well and good but what isn’t spoken about enough is creating Discoverable Video.

Almost every single conversation surrounding video marketing in the Caribbean is almost exclusively around social media. There is ZEROOOOO conversation about creating discoverable videos. Video that goes beyond the shelf life of social media, evergreen content that gets found by the #1 way that sales happen….Video that gets found via the search engines.

Now, why is that even important?

Well, it’s important because the videos that you create on social media…have a limited time in order to get engagement before they bury your content…and social media has become a pay-to-play game in order to grow your audience.

After a week…your content is in the social media graveyard.

Also…for the most part…social media isn’t indexed by the search engines, so when people type in questions or queries…your IG or FB video isn’t going to pop up as a result.

Now Google has entered into an agreement with TikTok to start Indexing their video content so that it can show up in search and they have also started those talks with Instagram.

This is where we want to have the conversation…Creating a video that gets discovered beyond social media…creating videos that when people are using the search engines, your content is popping up.

So let’s talk about it…where are the key places to create a video so that you can have evergreen traffic flow…that your videos can be found and gain traffic for years to come.

Traffic = Opportunities…the more traffic that you can be found for overtime…the more opportunities you will get.

You also want to have an unlimited window for your content…rather than keeping your content that you work hard on social media…only for it to die after a week.

So where are the key places to create a video that you can get this evergreen flow of traffic?

Well here are the 6 ways you can create videos that get discovered beyond social media.


Youtube Is a search engine…learn how to do keyword research and Youtube SEO…get into the habit of creating videos for YouTube….Too many folks DONTTTT focus on YouTube because they are so focused on the monetization side of it…Monetization comes in so many different forms but the most important aspect of Youtube is to take advantage of the search engine capabilities. If every time someone asks a question about your industry and your Youtube videos is showing up with the answers…you will begin gaining clients, generating leads and sales…You can also put links to your websites, products or booking tools for people to get in contact with you.

Your Website

The beauty of YouTube again is that you can treat it like a host for your videos. If you upload your videos to YouTube…and then embed the videos onto your website as a post….then do your on-page SEO, have a write up to accompany your video…you will now increase your chances of your videos being found because now a link to your website can appear in the search results and your videos on yOutube can also show up in the search results….You can change up the titles a bit which can help spread those breadcrumbs out and you can treat this method like an A/B split testing to see which is getting you more traffic….Ppl can either read your write-up or watch the embedded video…which will also increase the viewing numbers on the video and help you gain subscribers.

Youtube Shorts

Youtube shorts is Youtube’s way of getting into Vertical short-form video, to combat things like TikTok, Reels etc….The MAJOR advantage to Youtube shorts is that… it’s a part of Youtube…and since YouTube is a search engine…You guessed it…it has the advantage of Search engine optimization and will appear in searches. While you are creating all these videos for reels and TikTok….Youtube Shorts is the most important place to create vertical videos because of the fact that Youtube is a search engine and your viewership will increase over time.


Well, folks…The Chinese truly know how to do it all. The Chinese Company ByteDance has really taken over the social media game. Not only is their algorithm the most helpful of ANY social media platform…giving you the most organic reach…they have also struck a deal with Google to begin indexing videos…TikTok videos can now show up on Google Search results…Learning TikTok SEO is going to be major because you will have the best of both worlds….You will have a platform that is aggressively pushing your content on their platforms for organic traffic andddddd your videos can be found outside of the platform on the biggest search engine in the world…..If you are smart…you will create TikTok videos and then repurpose them on Youtube Shorts….and then take the Youtube Short video and embed that on your Website lol….That is the type of stuff to make any SEO Driven Content Marketer sleep with a big smile on their face lol.

Google Web Stories

Google Web stories is one of the most underutilized and most powerful places for video that I have never seen mentioned once in the entire Caribbean region! Ppl are still arguing about whether they need a website or not because there are social media…and those conversations continue to show me that people just don’t know what a website is anymore….Anywho…Google is pushing hard on Google Web stories and your stories can include photos, videos, links, sponsored segments, affiliate links…Google has created a whole section called Google Discover where these stories can all show up…and they DONT DISAPPEAR!!!! You should be adding Google Web Stories to your repertoire for videos. 

Google Business Profile

Google gives you a dedicated section on the Google Search Results Page and on Google Maps to put all over your business information and content. You can upload photos and 30-second videos to the Google Business Profile and this is another amazing way to get your content directly on the #1 Search Engine in the world. Google Business Profile is free as well and offers a wide range of tools and analytics about your business that can help build your strategies.

So whilst people are busy creating videos on reels, stories, videos on LinkedIn….thats all good for building engagement and showing behind the scenes or content you want to disappear…but it does nothing for building evergreen content and allowing your content to be found over time.

I have videos embedded on my website…that have been driving heavy traffic for me for the last 2 years and the videos are still relevant.

Don’t just limit yourself to keeping your video content on social media…start learning how to create video on platforms that allow your videos to be found over time. 

That is how you are going to succeed in building your digital presence in 2022, generate leads and sales. 

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