Starting Your Content Creation Journey As a Business Owner

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Starting Out

Starting your content creation journey can often feel overwhelming for business owners. The sheer volume of advice and the perceived necessity to conform to trends such as the dominance of video content can make taking the first step seem daunting. However, understanding where to begin is crucial for making content creation an effective and manageable part of your business strategy.

The Overwhelm of Video Content

Many feel bombarded by the constant emphasis on video as the primary, if not sole, medium for content. This can be intimidating for various reasons – fear, privacy concerns, or simply not feeling ready to be visually front and center. The truth is, while video content does perform exceptionally well on social media, it’s not the only path to successful content creation. The essence of starting your content journey should be rooted in comfort and authenticity, not in adhering strictly to what seems most popular.

Some are petrified of starting with video content because the truth is, it makes you feel seen. I mean that is the point of putting yourself out there but not everybody is ready to be seen. This is where you may need to dig a bit deeper, maybe even work with a psychologist or someone to help work on your confidence on video. Matter of fact, powerhouse marketer and video coach Xayli Barclay teaches people how to build confidence on video, check her out here —> Xayli Barclay.

My thing is, if video isn’t your thing, don’t think that creating content isn’t for you and just stop altogether. There are other avenues to explore.

Finding Your Comfort Zone

The first step in starting your content creation journey should be to assess where your comfort zone lies. Are you more inclined towards writing? Does the idea of starting a podcast, devoid of any visual demands, appeal to you? Or perhaps, despite reservations, you’re willing to explore video content. Identifying what feels most natural to you is paramount.

My personal journey began far from the spotlight of video content. Despite understanding its value, I chose to start with blogging. This medium allowed me the space to articulate my thoughts thoroughly and refine them until I felt confident in the message being conveyed. Blogging provided a platform to build my presence and engage with my audience on my terms.

Transitioning Through Mediums

Starting with a medium where you’re most comfortable doesn’t mean you’re confined to it indefinitely. As your confidence grows, exploring other mediums becomes less intimidating. For me, blogging was a gateway to eventually embracing video content and podcasting. Each step forward was taken with a stronger voice and a clearer vision of how I wanted to present my ideas.

Building Confidence Through Writing

Writing allowed me to inject my personality into my content, making my articles not just informative but also reflective of who I am. This personal touch is what eventually made transitioning to more public mediums like television interviews and podcasts less daunting. With each article written, I was not only sharing knowledge but also building the foundation of my public persona.

Embrace Diverse Content Forms

It’s crucial to remember that there are multiple forms of content beyond video. Podcasts, articles, and even carousels on social media platforms offer varied ways to connect with your audience. Starting where you’re comfortable allows you to gradually extend your reach and engage with your audience across different mediums.

Leveraging AI for Content Creation

For those hesitant to write or unsure of their voice in any medium, technology offers a solution. Tools like Descript can transcribe spoken word to text, and AI platforms such as ChatGPT can help polish those thoughts into coherent articles. This approach allows you to create content in a manner that feels natural, gradually building your confidence to perhaps explore other content forms in the future.

The Importance of Starting Somewhere

The key takeaway for any business owner looking to start their content creation journey is to begin with what feels right. Whether through writing, podcasting, or eventually video, the goal is to share your voice and your business with the world. Starting somewhere—anywhere—is better than not starting at all due to the fear of not meeting some perceived standard of content creation.

5 Key Takeaways

Embarking on your content creation journey as a business owner doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are five key takeaways from the discussion that can help you navigate this path with confidence and authenticity:

  1. Start Where You’re Comfortable: Your content creation journey should begin with a medium you feel most at ease with, be it writing, podcasting, or video.
  2. Video Isn’t the Only Option: Despite the popularity of video content, remember that successful content creation encompasses a variety of formats including blogs, podcasts, and carousels on social media.
  3. Growth Through Gradual Expansion: As your confidence in one medium grows, consider exploring other mediums to diversify how you connect with your audience.
  4. Utilize AI and Transcription Tools: For those hesitant about writing or public speaking, AI and transcription tools can transform spoken words into polished written content, easing the way into content creation.
  5. The Importance of Taking Action: The most crucial step is to begin. Starting somewhere with content creation is better than not starting at all due to fear or hesitation.

Starting your content creation journey is an integral part of establishing and growing your business in the digital age. It allows you to connect with your audience, showcase your expertise, and build your brand. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. What matters most is taking that first step in a way that aligns with your comfort and authenticity. From there, the journey may take you places you never imagined, enriching both your personal growth and your business’s success.

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