Now Morning Show Interview On TTT

Keron Rose on The Now Morning Show

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kimberly De Souza and Mr. Jayron “Rawkus” Remy on TTT’s Now Morning Show.

We got to dive into how businesses can use E-Commerce to grow their sales and why social media isn’t enough when selling and we touched on how content creators can make money.


  • 45 Seconds – What is a Digital Strategist
  • 1min 53 seconds – Why Social Media isn’t enough for business owners
  • 2min 56 seconds – Cost of a website is much cheaper today
  • 3 min 36 seconds – Monetizing on social media
  • 5 min 7 seconds – Getting the money from your website to your bank account
  • 6 min 19 seconds – How do we create content as a business or influencer
  • 7 min 59 seconds – Is extracting data on our audiences legal?
  • 10 min 10 seconds – What is retargeting marketing?
  • 11 min 5 seconds – Who has access to all of the data online?
  • 12 min 42 seconds – What is the starting point in building a digital presence?
  • 14 min 43 – Can you sell anything online?

I hope you were able to get some fundamental knowledge on E-Commerce in the Caribbean and why having your website is so important.

During this holiday season as the roads become busier and we have seen some crazy flooding right here in Trinidad and Tobago, the businesses who have been able to continue generating revenue during these times have been the ones who have been E-Commerce ready.

Remember, the more marketing or content you are creating on social media, ultimately you should be pushing everybody to your website to purchase your products or services. This way people don’t have to wait for your business to be open in order to purchase from you.

We will have a separate write-up that dives a bit deeper into the various ways that content creators can get paid because I want people to see that there is a lot more revenue that you can create for yourselves beyond brand deals.

If you have any questions about getting your business e-commerce ready, feel free to reach out to me here –> Contact.

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