How Covid-19 Has Affected My Business

It’s been over a month since the borders have been closed and the country has been put under the stay at home order. The world is going through a great reset and I know many of you are scrambling to find your place amongst this sudden change. While I don’t always create too many personal blogs, I do think there is merit in the discussions of how Covid-19 has affected my business and others.

These discussions allow creative thinkers to see what is happening with people in other industries (the good and the bad) and allow us to start piecing together a strategy that will allow us to move forward and get a head start on our “new normal”.

So how has Covid-19 hit my business…well, I think everything happening is ultimately for the best. I have been self-employed since 2017 (outside of my 6-month stint back at corporate last year), so nothing much has changed in the essence of how I work.

However, I have had a bunch of business opportunities get cancelled or postponed, so my projected finances have now completely changed because I have now had to begin creating new ways for me to earn. This is no secret, most of us in the world are now adjusting on the fly.

Going into 2020, I knew where my revenue was coming from. So I had structured my life around that. I have now had to sit back and take a look at what skills I currently have, do my homework on what people needed, look at all the tools that I have available to me and begin my pivot.

While my business Droid Island has slowed up a bit, it has more to do with me not putting my energy into that business because I don’t feel like it is a need right now. It’s great that orders are still coming in but for me, it’s hard to create content on smartphone tech and pour my energy into it. I think I have more to offer in other areas that can have a bigger impact than just helping you get the latest & greatest tech.

The pivot for me has now come in the form of doubling down on entrepreneurship, online business, e-commerce and building your digital assets. More and more of my content has been centred around that and it feels amazing to be able to teach these concepts to those who are now looking to start building online.

Ecommerce is the lowest hanging fruit to passive income! It also has the lowest barriers of entry to get started. People can self-reflect and begin taking their interests, hobbies and skills online.

I have spent the past month learning and testing how to do webinars. I needed to learn myself how can I take my workshops and go digital.

As much as I am seeing everybody doing interview style webinars or going live on IG to interview people. I didn’t want to do another talk shop!

I did not want to just interview people! I did not want to just get up and talk all that inspiring fluffy crap that isn’t tangible.

I get inspired but actionable info! So I try to keep my content tangible and actionable. So that by the time you finished with my sessions, you can implement what we talk about right away and hopefully it moves you closer to improving your situation.

I took the time to rebuild my website and finally gave some real thought into what products and services I could offer during this time and moving forward.

So my pivot now looks like this:

  • 1 on 1 coaching to help entrepreneurs build their digital assets
  • Workshop style webinars (Free & Paid)
  • Creation of more ebooks
  • Corporate consulting
  • FINALLY gearing up for the launching my podcast

What has been great is that I have now been learning how to go about making my Webinars dynamic, immersive and fun. I have learned new broadcasting software, found myself beginning to learn the basics of podcasting, videography and all of the equipment I need to bring it all together.

With everything I want to do, from the webinars to podcasting and creating videos, I know I needed to add some gear to my office in order to achieve everything at a high level. It’s become a bit of a project for me now.

I have been getting asked about the software and tech I currently use to create my content but I will also let you know about the equipment I just invested in to beef up my content.

So here is a quick list of what I currently use and tech I just bought to help me in my pivot:

  • Broadcasting software for my webinars (Ecamm Live)
  • 2015 15″ Macbook Pro (Intel i7, 256gb SSD, 16gb of Ram)
  • 32″ LG 4k Monitor for my dual-screen activities
  • The current webcam is the built-in webcam on the Mac
  • My website is built on WordPress
  • I stream out to Facebook and embed the streams on my website but also upload the free webinars to Youtube after

The equipment I just bought and can’t wait for it to arrive:

All of this will allow me to achieve the webinars, videos, podcasts and improve the overall quality of what I want to achieve. You can take a look at the list and use it as a starting point if you want to check out the equipment but also find cheaper or more expensive alternatives.

I believe everybody can shift most or at least some aspects of their business online. For my employees, this is the best time to start researching some new skills, so that you can participate in the global economy and earn some extra cash.

If you have been laid off during this time, Google “High-Income Skills” and start doing your homework. Pick a skill that interests you and start learning as much as you can. There are so many free resources to get you started, other institutions are offering a bunch of free courses and many of the paid courses for those high-income skills do not cost much at all.

Take the time to rest a bit but try not to stay stagnant. We know that Covid-19 has presented an amazing opportunity for those to get ahead of the new normal and set us up for years to come.

For me, Covid-19 has forced me to shift my business model, invest in myself and craft but really push me to take stock of my skills and figure out the problems I am passionate about in the world and serve that niche.

If you want to check out the replays from the Digital Age Series, you can view them here. This is a great way to get started in taking your business online and learning how to get paid online.

Click To View “Digital Age Webinar Series Replays”.


  1. Reynold April 28, 2020at3:23 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experience Keron. Many of us are affected in one way or the other and surely our bottom lines. I too have created some online businesses many Amazon FBA and POD on Etsy. Are those Affiliate links to the equipment you purchased? If so, that’s a great passive income generator. If not, perhaps you can explore.

    All the best man.

    1. keronrose April 29, 2020at12:59 am

      Hey, those are definitely good businesses to start right now. Also, yes…those are affiliate links lol, I talk about incorporating affiliate marketing into all business strategies.


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