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The Keron Rose Webinar series is geared towards Caribbean Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, in a bid to get them to take action in the Digital Age. The Webinars are informational, practical and packed with actionable tips.

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Guiding Caribbean Entrepreneurs Into The Digital Age


Hosted Workshops

From Ecommerce to digital tools and online business. The workshops are catered for the Caribbean entrepreneur and business owner.


Blogs Written

My content has focused around technology and how to leverage it to get the results you are searching for. 


Years of Exp

I started building my first online business in 2016 and have worked with a variety of Corporate clients to entrepreneurs across the Caribbean, Canada, the USA.

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WordPress & Ecommerce

The WordPress & Ecommerce Webinar was all about debunking the myths surrounding the platform and also clarifying how Ecommerce integrates onto the platform. 

Digital Products

With businesses forced to either close down or slow down operations, Digital Products are a great way for businesses to begin generating a baseline income. Digital Products are scalable and are not bound by geography. We dive deeper into how Digital Products can help you and what they are. 

Digital Services You Can Start

This webinar talks about the Digital Services you can start integrating into your business or learning, so that you can do it to create another income. 

3 Keys To Caribbean Ecommerce

Ecommerce can be broken down into 3 key areas. This webinar breaks down each area, so that you understand what is needed in order to build within the digital age but also educate your clients on how to do business with you. 

What Are The Digital Asset's

The Digital Asset’s are the most important things any Entrepreneur or Business Owner needs to have in place in order to build their digital presence. This webinar goes into the assets, what they are, why they are important and the order you should get started in building them.

The Brand Ecosystem

The Brand Ecosystem is key for all businesses in order to bring awareness to their brands but also create a variety of revenue streams that can come into your brand. We also discuss building out a tier system, so that you have a product or service that tailors to various consumers looking to do business with your brand. 

Why Businesses Must Be Relevant On Google

The question asked many times over from Entrepreneurs & Business owners is “Should I have a website or just use social media?”

This is a loaded topic that has a variety of things to consider when getting started building out your business and the online components to it.

There are clear advantages for businesses that understand how to use Google to their advantage and social media has its place. In the Caribbean though, we neglect to build our presence on Google and it hurts in many ways we don’t realize.

Starting a Blog 101

Starting a blog is one of the most important things anybody could do in 2020. It may not necessarily have to be a written blog but this will be important for those creating video and audio content as well.

Search Engines love blogs and for a variety of reasons. Since this is one of the top ways to become a thought leader in your niche, join me tonight, as learn why blogging is essential to thriving in the digital age.

Fygaro, Ecommerce & Taking Your Business Online

Are you looking into getting started with building an online business or have an existing brick & mortar/service based business but don’t know how to get it online?

Check out my workshop with Ariel Rochwerger, CEO of Fygaro and learn about their products & services, that give you not only the tools but the platform to take your business online.

With key partnerships with First Atlantic Commerce & DHL, they give you a platform to build your business on, handle the payment processing & logistics to get your products to the world.


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