Does Having a Large Social Media Following Matter?

The Caribbean social media landscape is erupting with fire personalities like Majah Hype, Certified Sampson, Kyle Boss, Gervail “Jr Lee” Lemo, and Ro’Dey, and they’re all showing that Caribbean Centric Content has mass appeal.

We know that over the years follower counts have been seen as a status symbol, but TikTok came through and changed the game. Now, those with even the smallest of followings can create massive impact with the right content and the other platforms have been trying to re-create what TikTok has allowed creators to do, get reach without having a large following.

Transparency Alert! The five creators featured in this case study were chosen based on a trending online discussion about “The Funniest Caribbean Creator“, which sparked a few days ago after Certified Sampson hit his 1 millionth follower on TikTok. While humor is subjective, I decided to dig deeper and analyze their social media performance beyond follower count. This case study explores aims to see who truly connects with their audience, regardless of who might be crowned “funniest” online.

Majah Hype and Ro’Dey are the OG’s who have been killing it for a very long time, Sampson has been grinding and most recently unleashed hell on us with his character Ezekiel. Kyle Boss has a level of dry humour that cracks me up without fail and Gervail “Jr Lee” Lemo has really come into his own and found his groove in the last couple of months.

So, the question begs: Does having a large social media following matter anymore?

This deep dive takes you on a journey through the profiles of these Caribbean content creators. We’ll dissect their follower counts, engagement rates, content strategies, and the platforms they use to build their community. Get ready to uncover surprising insights about which type of content ignites the most conversations and receives the most engagement.

Data Snapshot: April 2024! This analysis is based on social media activity between March 20th and April 18th, 2024. Remember, by the time you’re reading this, the numbers might have shifted a bit in the real world.

Who Has The Highest Following Amongst The Group?

total social media following of 5 Caribbean content creators

Let’s start this conversation off with the number that catches everybody’s eye, The Follower Count.

These Caribbean social media stars are clearly crushing it. Majah Hype leads the pack with a whopping 2.46 million followers, while Certified Sampson isn’t far behind at 2.16 million. Ro’Dey sits at a strong 801,000, followed by Kyle Boss with 231,000 and Gervail “Jr Lee” Lemo at 141,000 – all impressive numbers that show they know how to grow an audience.

Big ups to these creators for nurturing their online fan bases – that’s no easy feat!

Total Amount of Posts in the Last 30 Days

total number of post of 5 caribbean social media content creators

These creators have been churning out content at a steady pace in the last month.

Majah Hype has been the most active releasing 95 posts across his platforms – that’s 14.5% more than last month! Not far behind is Ro’Dey with a solid 83 posts. Certified Sampson also joined the party with 78 posts. Gervail “Jr Lee” Lemo kept things interesting with 47 posts, and Kyle Mark chilled out a bit this month with 35 posts – that’s 22.2% less than his usual.

The Total Engagement Across All Social Media Channels

total engagement of Certified Sampson, Kyle Boss, Majah Hype, Gervail "Jr Lee" Lemo and Ro'dey

Here’s a breakdown of the data for each social media personality:

  • Majah Hype! – 2.46 million followers, 972k total engagements, +24.4% engagement rate
  • Certified Sampson – 2.16 million followers, 5.95 million total engagements, +13.3% engagement rate
  • Ro’Dey – 801k followers, 603k total engagements, +348% engagement rate
  • Kyle Boss – 231k followers, 1.23 million total engagements, -3.45% engagement rate
  • Gervail “Sean”Jr Lee” Lemo – 141k followers, 801k total engagements, +3.98% engagement rate

The data presented here throws a fascinating curveball at the follower-engagement relationship. While Majah Hype reigns supreme in follower count with a whopping 2.46 million, the crown for total engagement across all platforms lands firmly on Certified Sampson’s head. Certified Sampson boasts an impressive 5.95 million total engagements, translating to a healthy 13.3% increase in engagement rate from his previous month. The increased engagement for Sampson shows that his content was well received amongst his audience.

However, follower count doesn’t always tell the whole story. Look at Kyle Boss and Gervail “Jr Lee” Lemo. Despite having significantly smaller followings (231k and 141k respectively), their total engagement surpasses the amount of followers they have. Kyle even boasts a very respectable 1.23 million total engagements, while Gervail sits comfortably at 801k. This translates to impressive engagement rates for both, with Kyle experiencing a slight dip of 3.45% from the previous month and Gervail’s engagement increased from the month before by a commendable 3.98%. Kyle and Gervail might have smaller audiences, but they’re clearly generating a lot of enthusiastic interaction online.

Between all 5 Content Creators, this group averages over 900k total engagements across all of their social media channels, proving that they know how to get people to engage on their content.

Avg Engagement Per Post

total engagement per post from 5 caribbean content creators

This chart gives us an insightful look at the engagement each creator is generating per post, providing a direct measure of their content’s impact. “Certified Sampson” stands at the forefront with a staggering 76.3k engagements for each post, noting a positive uptick of 13.3% from the previous month. “Kyle Boss” also shows a notable increase of 24.1%, achieving 35k engagements per post. Gervail Lemo and Majah Hype have experienced growth as well, with their engagement per post climbing to 17k and 10.2k, reflecting rises of 3.98% and 8.67%, respectively. “Rodell Ro’dey Cumberbatch,” despite a dip of -8.32% from his prev month, still garnered 7.27k engagements for each of his posts.

These numbers represent the average number of interactions on any post during the last 30 days.

The Top Post’s In The Last 30 Days

top performing posts of Kyle Boss and Gervail "Jr Lee" Lemo

Over the recent 30-day span, the engagement leaderboard among Caribbean social media influencers was topped by posts from those with more modest follower counts.

Leading the pack is Kyle Mark. His hilarious TikTok entry on the reactions of being introduced to your girlfriend’s “friends” for the 1st time not only racked up a massive 292k total engagements, but also achieved an incredible engagement rate per follower – a whopping 221%. Kyle’s magic touch extends to Instagram as well, the 2nd best performing post, showing Caribbean parents clocking how long it takes their kids to respond when called, resonated with viewers to the tune of 100k engagements and a stellar 101% engagement rate per follower.

Gervail Sean Lemo joins the party, proving that everyday topics can spark major engagement. His TikTok post showing how Caribbean Car Mechanics train pupils drew a strong 43.3k engagements, boasting an impressive 74% engagement rate per follower. Another post, addressing the universally relatable issue of what happens when you call your Step-Dad by his first name, resonated with 41.3k viewers at a rate of 70.5% per follower.

The remarkable engagement statistics highlight the impactful nature of content that deeply resonates with an audience. Kyle and Gervail’s success illustrates a pivotal point: the strength of content lies not in the breadth of the audience but in the depth of the connection it fosters. Their ability to craft messages that strike a chord with viewers can lead to engagement levels that rival or even surpass those of creators with far larger followings.

One other thing to note…Jr Lee’s latest post has made a meteoric ascent to the #4 position within a mere 24 hours, a testament to its extraordinary reach and the rapid viral momentum it has gained. This striking surge in engagement underlines the content’s instant appeal and the compelling connection it has sparked with viewers. This shows how the right content can quickly captivate and spread across the social media landscape and you could argue that this might be the best post in the last 30 days give how well it has done in 24 hrs.

The #1 Performing Singular Content In The Last 30 Days

Kyle Marka aka Kyle Boss most viral post in April 2024

Kyle Boss is blowing up TikTok! His post “Emotional Trauma” isn’t just creative, it’s sparking a major conversation. Even though he has a smaller following of 132k compared to the other creators in this group, the post has racked up a crazy 292k likes, comments, and shares! That translates to a mind-blowing engagement rate of 221% per follower – basically, way more people interacted with the post than even follow him!

Here’s the even crazier part: 16.3% of people who saw the video actually stopped to like, comment, or share it. That’s huge! And get this: the engagement rate on this post is 37.8 times higher than usual! On top of all that, the video has nearly 1.79 million views.

Basically, Kyle Boss is a master at grabbing and holding people’s attention on TikTok! This post is a perfect example of how impactful a creator can be, even with a smaller following, by creating content that resonates with their audience.

You can check out this video for yourselves and have a good laugh –> Emotional Trauma.

Activity and Engagement

activity and engagement from 5 caribbean content creators

Ever wonder how much your followers actually interact with your stuff? That’s where engagement rate by follower comes in. It basically takes the total number of likes, comments, and shares your posts get, divides it by the number of followers you have on that platform, and then expresses it as a percentage. So, a higher percentage means more of your followers are actively interacting! These numbers are the total numbers of posts and engagement across all social media platforms.

Now, let’s dive into the data for this period. Kyle Boss absolutely dominated with a killer engagement rate per follower – a whopping 30.3% across 35 posts! That’s a testament to his ability to create content that resonates with his audience and keep them coming back for more.

Gervail “Jr Lee” Lemo’s not far behind either, snagging a solid 22.9% rate from 47 posts. Seems like he knows how to keep his audience hooked!

“Certified Sampson” posted 78 times and his engagement rate came in at 9.89%, which is pretty close to the overall average you’ve seen.

“Rodell Ro’dey Cumberbatch” and “Majah Hype” put out even more content – 79 and 95 posts respectively – but their engagement rates were a bit lower, at 3.54% and 1.32%.

The takeaway? Just churning out tons of content doesn’t guarantee amazing engagement. This data proves that quality content that truly connects with your audience is way more important than just pumping out tons of stuff. It’s all about quality over quantity!

Engagement By Social Media Platform

the top social media channels to post on

Because we have Certified Sampson as our focus point, the left hand side is showing where he posts online! His main platform is Instagram and he averages 1.13 posts a day. He is active on other platforms too and TikTok is his secondary platform.

Now, for the interesting part, looking at the right hand side of the image, we get to see the total posts per day amongst all 5 creators per platform and the avg engagement rate per platform. It’s clear TikTok is the engagement king overall. The average engagement rate per follower on TikTok sits at a mighty 13.5%, which blows Instagram (3.34%), Facebook (2.38%), and YouTube (2.1%) out of the water.

The Takeaway? TikTok is the platform that is allowing these creators to have the best chance and getting the most engagement out of all the social media platforms. In knowing where the group is finding success, each creator can better understand where to spend their time and energy.

The Engagement Rate of Various Content Types

The top performing types of content in April 2024

Certified Sampson is our creator in focus, so his post types are being showcased on the left. On the right is the average of all 5 Content Creators.

Video content is the number 1 choice of content amongst all 5 creators in the group. They post an average of 1.23 videos a day, and people love them – engagement rate per follower is a whopping 10%!

Reels are cool too, even though they’re posted a little less often (0.83 per day across everyone). But here’s the kicker: they still snag a solid engagement rate of 3.95%. Not bad!

Carousels and photos might not get posted as much, but they add some variety to the mix. Plus, they still get some love – engagement rates for carousels and photos are 2.24% and 0.91% respectively. So basically, these influencers are using all sorts of content to connect with their audience in different ways.

Posting Dates, Times and Measuring Engagement For The Group

the best times to post and get high engagement
  • Certified Sampson predominantly posts at 4pm, with a secondary peak at 12pm, while the collective group tends to post mainly around 4pm.
  • Sampson’s posting frequency is highest from Thursday to Saturday, whereas the group’s activity peaks on Mondays.
  • The engagement rate for Certified Sampson spikes around 12pm and then again at 7pm. In contrast, the highest engagement rates for the landscape occur around 4pm and 5pm.
  • For Certified Sampson, Tuesdays and Saturdays are the days with the highest engagement, while for the group, Friday and Saturday see the highest engagement rates.

Let’s Recap

  • Most Followers – Majah Hype
  • Highest Total Overall Engagement – Certified Sampson
  • Highest Engagement Rate Per Follower – Kyle Boss
  • Top Performing Singular Post in The Last 30 Days – Kyle Boss

So, Does Having a Large Social Media Following Matter? Our dive into the Caribbean social media scene has shown that a massive following doesn’t always mean you have the highest performance on the socials.

Look at Majah Hype! He has the biggest follower base, but it’s Certified Sampson who dominates overall engagement. Meanwhile, Kyle Boss reigns supreme in engagement per follower. See the trend? High-quality, engaging content can beat follower volume.

Think about Kyle Boss and Gervail “Jr Lee”‘s viral posts. Their content has really resonated with people on social media and even with smaller audiences, they have proven that they can generate the highest amount of interactions online in-spite of the lowest follower counts.

The real key? It’s all about engagement, relevance, and sparking real conversations. Sure, a large following can signal relevance but we also have to keep in mind that we have a lot of bots, bought followers, 1 person following from multiple accounts and even people who may have subscribed to you years ago but just never unfollowed you & possibly even muted you. A better telltale sign that your content is performing and that your audience is engaged is when you measure engagement rate per following.

If it’s one thing that these amazing Caribbean Creators have shown us is that you can build a massive following and engagement with relatable Caribbean content.

This case study is in no way shape or form, trying to show who is funnier. I love all 5 content creators and they make my days more enjoyable and I hope they do the same for you.

This case study was just to show you how data can be used to break down social media performance and highlight that your content can still perform well amongst the people with the biggest followings. The data can help you be more strategic in how you go about building your brands and businesses online.

If your organization is looking for data research to improve your companies digital strategy, feel free to reach out here —> Contact Me.

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