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Digital Market Research Reports


The Digital Market Research Reports give you deep insights into your consumers, your competitors and your industry. Use the insights from the data to ensure your products, services, marketing and business strategies are in full alignment with your market. Scroll down to check out the full breakdown of the reports and contents.


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Digital Market Research Reports


To navigate the Digital World successfully, create the right content, products or services and understand how your competitors are driving traffic to their platforms, you need access to the data that will allow you to be strategic.

The research reports you receive tap into the Google Dataset which is the largest collection of data on the market. You will get powerful insights into your consumers which you can then use to create the most aligned strategies.

1 keyword could have well over 400 questions/queries being asked in your country! Do you know exactly what your audience is searching for in your industry?


The Data Will Allow You To:

  • Create Content Strategies based on data
  • Perform Search Engine Optimization on your Websites
  • Have a clear understanding of what your audience is looking for in relation to your industry
  • Get a breakdown of Geographic locations for where people are in your country conducting searches
  • Demographic breakdowns of Age, Gender for those visiting your competitor’s websites and also conducting searches for your topics
  • Benchmark against your competition to see how you stack up
  • Get data on how your industry is performing on a whole


Select Your Research Report

Light – $90usd/$600ttd:

  • Submit 1 keyword/topic for research and receive the last 30 days of queries/questions your audience has searched for on Google.
  • You will also receive search volumes and search trends for each query your audience has used.
  • Great for guiding your content strategy.


Standard – $220usd/$1500ttd

  • Submit 3 keywords/topics for research and receive the last 30 days of queries your audience has searched for on Google.
  • You will also receive the Geographic locations (Cities or Countries) for those searching for your topics.
  • Great for Content Strategy and AD Targetting.


Plus – $500usd/$3400ttd

  • Submit 5 topics/keywords for research and receive the last 30 days’ worth of queries your audience has searched for on Google.
  • You will also receive Geographic locations for those 5 keywords.
  • Submit 3 of your competitors and we will provide competitive analysis on how their websites are performing, how they are being found on Google, search volumes for their brands, top-performing web pages and what keywords are being used to find their websites.


Premium – $900usd/$6000ttd

  • Submit 5 topics/keywords, and receive 30 days worth of Google Queries and Geographic locations.
  • Submit 5 competitors and receive Google data on their websites and how they are being found digitally.
  • You will also receive a comprehensive Social Media Competitor Analysis, benchmarking your company and 4 of your competitors.
  • We analyze your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Twitter to learn about the topics, hashtags driving engagement and content types driving engagement.
  • See how your brand stacks up to the competitors and make adjustments to your social media strategy.


The Digital Market Research Reports show a look at data over the last 30 days so that you can keep up to date with the latest activity happening within your industry, in your country.

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