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Digital Market Research Reports

A core part in navigating the digital age today is having access to consumer data that will guide your marketing and business development strategies. 

Research Reports

We Tap Into Search Engine Data

We have the tools and experience to extract consumer data for your industry, in any country you would like data from. Learn what your audience is looking for online, their pain points, intentions, demographics, locations, competitor analysis and much more. 

Consumer Queries

Learn the exact questions, paint points and desires your audience is searching for on Google. 1 query or topic could have over 400 questions, do you know exactly what your audience is asking the search engines?

Search Intentions

We learn the exact intentions your audience is taking when they are searching for their queries online. 


Get a breakdown of the Age Ranges & Gender for those conducting searches and visiting competitors websites. 

Competitor Research

We break down how your competitors are being found digitally by the audience, what brings them traffic, top performing pages & content and much more. 

Consumer Location

We give you the Countries and Cities of those looking online for the products, services and keywords within your niche. 

Social Data Research

Competitive benchmarking for you & competitors, learn what Hashtags & Topics are being used in amongst your competitors that are driving engagement. What content types are driving engagement and much more.   

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Data Aids Strategy

Why The data Is Important!

In the Caribbean, we tend to make many of our businesses and marketing decisions off of personal bias. Tapping into Consumer data gives you a sound basis to build your strategies off of and ensures full alignment with your market. The research reports also help you in areas like:

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The process is easy!


Select Your Package

We have various research packages to fit your needs. Select your plan to get started. 


Fill Out Questionnaire

You will be sent a Questionnaire to fill out so that we can get the necessary data to create the research document. 


Receive Your Report

The report will be sent to you via E-Mail within 5 business days.

Research Packages

Light - $90usd/$600ttd

Submit 1 keyword/topic for research and receive the last 30 days of queries/questions your audience have searched for on Google. You will also receive search volumes and search trends for each query your audience has used. Great for guiding your content strategy.

Standard - $220usd/$1500ttd

Submit 3 keywords/topics for research and receive the last 30 days of queries your audience has searched for on Google. You will also receive the Geographic locations (Cities or Countries) for those searching for your topics. Great for Content Strategy and AD Targetting.

Plus - $500usd/$3400ttd

Submit 5 topics/keywords for research and receive the last 30 days' worth of queries your audience has searched for on Google. You will also receive Geographic locations for those 5 keywords. Submit 3 of your competitors and we will provide competitive analysis on how their websites are performing, how they are being found on Google, search volumes for their brands, top-performing web pages and what keywords are being used to find their websites.

Premium - $900usd/$6000ttd

Submit 5 topics/keywords, and receive 30 days worth of Google Queries and Geographic locations. Submit 5 competitors and receive Google data on their websites and how they are being found digitally. You will also receive a comprehensive Social Media Competitor Analysis, benchmarking your company and 4 of your competitors. We analyze your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Twitter to learn about the topics, hashtags driving engagement and content types driving engagement. See how your brand stacks up to the competitors and make adjustments to your social media strategy.

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You ask, we answer

Here are a few of the top questions in regards to the research services. 

Reports will be sent to your email within 5 days of filling out the questionnaire. The questionnaire will be emailed to you after purchase is made. 

The data you receive is the foundation to your marketing and business development strategies. This gives you a deep inside look into your consumers pain points, their wants and how they are finding your competitors. This info will dictate the content you put out, how and where you market, your Ad strategies and understand how you stack up against other competitors in the market. 

If one of your keywords come back with No data, you will be allowed to submit another keyword or topic. No data, also is data! It means that the particular term you submitted, people are not searching for it online in your particular country. 

Unfortunately there are no refunds. We do the research and collate the data to submit in the research packages given to you. If there are any questions, ask them prior to making a purchase to have the report generated, to ensure you are getting what you need. 

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