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The DigiPreneur Foundations

In order to start building your digital presence and being seen as a thought leader in your niche, we are going to have learn the foundations. This series will guide you through the process of building an E-Commerce & Blog ready website, conduct your own digital market research and aid you in your journey to ranking on the search engines. 

Join us for 3 structured workshops that build on top of each other to give you the foundations you need. 

topics Covered


Learn how to build your very own
E-Commerce and Blog-ready website using the WordPress software.

Digital Market Research

We dive into extracting data from the search engines to understand


Learn how to craft blogs that will drive traffic, embed your videos, audio files and optimize them for searchability.

Content Distribution

Learn how to effectively distribute the content from your websites onto social media to drive back traffic to your site.


build your website

Sat, Oct 23 | 10am AST

Build Your Digital Home


digital market research

Sat, Oct 30 | 10am AST

Digital Market Research


the epic blog

Sat, Nov 6 | 10am AST

The Epic Blog


marketing coach

Is This For You?

As an up-and-coming entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to get started with a limited budget and resources. I had to learn a wide variety of skills to get my business online, learn the needs of my audience and deliver value.

This workshop series is aimed to teach you how to build your own E-Commerce & Blog ready website, perform market research to understand your consumers and competitors and create content that can be found via the search engines to drive traffic to your platforms.

Keron Rose

Hope To See You There

About Keron Rose

Keron Rose is an Online Business Strategist and Coach who works with Caribbean Entrepreneurs & Businesses to help them build their Digital Presence and monetize their platforms.

He has worked with companies like Flow Business, FCB, Wipay, B-Mobile, Digicel, Huawei, Loop Caribbean and Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid. 

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